Menzo Drow campaign, need simple ideas for mini adventures.


So I’m running a Drow game set In Menzo. The party belongs to a once great house that fell into Poverty after Lolth went silent. This game takes place 350 years after the events of War of the Spider Queen.

Overall All goal is for the players to reclaim the honor of their house and make it great once more.

Right now they are a vassal house working for their patron house that was an ally when they were great and in charge if an outpost that deals with mining and other agricultural needs.

While I have the main story/Underlining threat fleshed out I need ideas for mini games to help the players raise station.

I was gonna do a surface raid to capture slaves(buid own strength and sell for coin), Find the key family members that left the house (went rogue vs being a “collarless slave” to reunite the family, hunt down a escaped slave group version of the Underground Railroad to turn into council (big bounty), a caravan raid maybe as well as taking escort missions to a homebrew version of Arkyam Aslam (meant to hold truly dangerous Drow but still have potential for usefulness) , maybe an escape mission from there. I don’t need fully fleshed out ideas but just enough of one to spark that creativity candle.

Why not set up a potential second story arc? The drow often think of themselves as the superior race of the underdark, create a political conflict between the deuragar,the snirveblin, and maybe a small group of mind flayers. Have various factions ploy for power and control of space (a rare resource in the under dark) or other resources. Have the other races reach out to the group and possible try to hire them for their own benefits. This give your party tons of options and will help flesh out the world a bit more. Hope this helps.

the spider collection
i had this for a game i run when the party spent time in a drow under-town.
a drow who is famous for his vast interest in spiders send the party to collect unharmed special specimen for him. (this can be used to send them into places to find other things laying in wait for them.) also even on other qeusts they would need to keep an eye open for other spiders they come across, in case they want to bring them as well.

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