What was the paladin code of a paladin of Aroden?

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Unless my google-fu has failed me, I cannot find anything canonical on it. I imagine it would be a mix of Iomedae's tenets and Abadar's, Shelyn's and Pharasma's beliefs. I think it would be something like: (note: cribbed from across the internet. Some are directly lifted from other gods who Aroden admired or vice/versa)

-- I see beauty in others. As a rough stone hides a diamond, a drab face may hide the heart of a saint. I will work with others to bring their inner beauty out.

-- I will learn the weight of my sword. Without my heart to guide it, it is worthless—my strength is not in my sword, but in my heart. If I lose my sword, I have lost a tool. If I betray my heart, I have died.

-- Lives are never to be thrown away. But if I must sacrifice my life to save the people, it is a worthy sacrifice.

-- Gods can die, but humanity will live on. True strength lies within the people, not the gods.

-- Mend what is broken, and heal what is wounded. Do this through either labor or magic.

-- All civilized life should be saved and protected, but the human spirit of ingenuity and drive must be preserved and passed on.

-- Corruption in the greatest threat to civilization. I will root out corruption wherever I find it, and if a system is fundamentally flawed, I will work to reform or replace it.

What would you change or add?


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I think the best source for information on this would be the article on him in PF100 - its been a while since I skimmed that though, so I'm not sure whats in it

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