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Okay, so our group is starting a Starfinder game shortly.

As I spend the majority of my time DMing (running adventure paths), I would quite like to have a PC that gets to, if not 20, at least the majority of the way there, like the PF APs do.

A look around seems to indicate that none of the Paizo SF AP (three or six part) go no higher than about 12/13.

Further, the large size of our group (six-seven players), the low number of character classes currently around and the general low-level of SF that essentially capping the game at 12/13th level means that we are... Somewhat limited in character options, especially if it means re-starting compartively frequently.

Now, I have the time and inclination to re-stat APs (I have even stupidly planned on running return of the Runelords as a direct sequel to Rise, at 18th to epic...), but I don't know if the Starfinder DM would be willing - or more appropriately, has the time - to do that. I am, however, willing to buy an adventure one and shove into the DM's hand myself. (I mean, after checking that he would be okay with that, though I'm sure he would!)

Are there ANY 3rd party adventures out there that would cover that sort of level? (Or do we know if any are planned by Paizo? Heck, are there any SFS modules that cover that range, even?)

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