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Hi, my group finished book 3 last time, and we were planning to start book 4 next time (which is in about 11 hours). Turns out though that 2 of 5 players will not be able to make it. I don't want to cancel the entire game, but the Sandpoint siege might be rough with just 3 people, and I also wouldn't want the missing players to miss that action sequence.

So I'm thinking is there any quick readymade adventure that I could snag and adapt with minimal work? Could occur during the trip back to Sandpoint, or once they get back to Sandpoint. I guess PFS scenarios might be about ideal length, but I don't have a lot of them (only seasons 5-6), but I do have most AP issues, so if I could salvage something out of an installment of Crimson Throne or whatnot, that could be really helpful.

Any ideas?

Paizo module "The Harrowing". It fits anywhere but your group may be one level higher than the starting level.
"Curse of the Riven Sky" might work with some background story adjustment, but it may be "Giant" overload with what's coming in part 4 of RotR.

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