Recommendations! LF modules / encounters for a side mission to provide bonding moment for a new player to the group


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TIA for your help brainstorming and remembering options that might be out there.

TL;dr - tell me about a single session you played that was a good bonding experience for characters in a party getting to know each other.

I have a new player joining my long term campaign. He's been playing side games with me and some of the group for about a year, and with availability opening up in my main campaign I wanted to invite him in. We've already had him pick up the role of a known NPC for easier integration, had the session where we introduced him, and the other players are great.

So there isn't a problem I'm trying to solve per se. I want to be proactive in recognizing the main game has two years of backstory and character bonding, and make use of a few game mastery shortcuts to connect our new arrival.

I have a session coming up that's going to be light on attending players, so I'd like to do a bit of side content to provide a bonus bonding experience for newbie and two of our established players/characters. Think of it like when in Avatar: The Last Airbender when Zuko joined the crew as an ally and had several episodes with special missions bonding with the other characters ;) New player is a scholarly monk woman with a lot of good punching, who will be joined by a boy wizard and a Shoanti paladin.

Since I don't have a ton of prep time left before the game (it's tomorrow!), anyone have recommendations, or remember, scenarios or encounters they've played that had memorable bonding experiences? Or examples of things that happened in your groups that were good for a small group to experience together and bond over? I can put work into the session, just want a starting place or a leg up to push me in the right direction.

The most harrowing experience I've been through was Vordakai's tower in Kingmaker. Our GM was relatively inexperienced, but the atmosphere of the place alone managed to scare us.

I didn't think we'd make it out alive. There were several near-death encounters, and the mystery of the whole thing kept it interesting.

Depending on the level, Horns of the Hunted would make an interesting addition. Chase unicorn "hunters" into the fey world.

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