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So, I'm pretty much at the point in this campaign that I don't need to worry about the statblock any longer, but my experiences could be useful for someone down the road, so I figured I'd ask this.

When, exactly, does the city statblock change? I've found several instances of the indication in the text in chapters 1 and 2, but weirdly, it seems that the city goes from Unrest to Plagued around the beginning of book 2, and doesn't ever change back.

I don't have my book handy, but here's my recollection - please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Beginning: Normal
Right After Dealing With Gaedren Lamm: Anarchy
Nebulous Time Between That And Visiting The Queen: Unrest
Wanted - Trinia Sabor: Anarchy
Captured - Trinia Sabor: Unrest
The Plague Hits Korvosa: Plagued
The Plague Is Cured: Unrest?

After that, I couldn't find anything to suggest the statblock state in book 3 onwards.

I believe that around EfOK or HoA the majority of Korvosa goes under Martial Law and remains that way until the rebellion overthrows Castle Korvosa. During the quarantine Old Korvosa is probably best played as its own microcosm under Anarchy outside of the Fort Korvosa ward.

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That's kinda my recollection as well, LadyGrayRose, but I couldn't find anything in the text to support that. It's probably what I'll end up using once the PCs return to Korvosa in Book 4 onwards, but I'm just curious if my gut feeling matches what Paizo was intending.

My guess is that the writers of the Anniversary Edition simply forgot that it was a new mechanic in-play, as the original text makes no mention of the city's statistics (since those mechanics weren't yet around when CotCT was first released). I'd assume it would fall under Martial Law as well from halfway through EfOK all the way until halfway through CoF.

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