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Not sure how possible this is. Friend has a concept from some book he is reading. Person warped by magic influence during the mage wars, however he is not actually a mage himself.

So he wants lots of spell-like and/or supernatural abilities, without actually being a spell caster. I don't think he even cares what the Sp or Su abilities are, he just wants as many as he can get.

The only things I could immediately think of are:
- Eldritch Heritage and VMC both give some abilities.
- A few races have a spell like ability.
- Seems like I can remember feats that give an orison as a Sp, but I'm not sure of that.
- iirc Monk and Ninja can get a fair number of Sp powered by their Ki (haven't looked at these in a long time).

Anything I'm not remembering? Other suggestions?

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All a kineticist is is using spell-like abilities.

Alternatively you can make a "caster" monk by taking a bunch of SLAs from the Qingong powers.

Try the Sylvan Trickster Rogue archetype. It lets you select witch hexes in addition to Rogue Talents. That is a very good way of getting Su or Sp abilities added in, as well as the Minor Magic (as similar) Rogue Talents.

There are traits to get a 0-level spell of various kinds as a 1/day SLA.

An adaptve shifter gets a lot of self-only Su abilities. If your friend has a 'mutant' concept it fits pretty well.

On the other hand a kineticist does the 'I can't believe they're not a mage' shtick well. The base kineticist is elemental themed, a terrakineticist picks up magic from the world around them.

If you want an unthemed bunch of abilities an invested regent qinggong monk can have a lot of them - more distinct abilities than a kineticist. Actually turning that into a useful character may take a bit of work.

For a campaign which won't reach high levels a rogue of the gillman race can race to 3rd level Sp abilities by 5th level. They can't get higher level abilities than that though I suppose with the sylvan trickster archetype hexes from that point could broaden them.

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