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I had so much fun playing Starfinder, I decided to write a novel loosely based on a campaign I play. I gave it a corny name and put it online, just for fun.

I can't publish it or sell it, since it uses Paizo's trademarked IP, but it was still a joy to create. There's not a huge number of people that I've met who even know what Starfinder is, so outside of the people I play the game with, not a lot of people I know are going to appreciate it. But if any of you decide you're looking for a new book set in the Starfinder universe, here's the short description and a link:

Arden Finder, independent journalist and corporate spy, finds himself hurtling towards his own death, and not just because his ship's about to crash into Absalom Station. When the Starstone, ancient relic and modern-day power source, is threatened by evil forces, Arden learns that being a hero might take more than a clever headline. Teaming up with a motley assortment of "friends", Arden's on a mission to save the station and gain a few more followers for his blog.

Panic at the Starstone

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Good stuff! A really enjoyable read, especially with the dearth of Starfinder fiction. Thanks for writing and sharing it!

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Be sure that you are following the Community Use license, as that is your only legal way to do this, if you can legitimately do it at all.

maybe they want to do a Starfinder tales line later on.

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