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Argus on d20pfsrd

What does "vulnerable to sleep" mean?

And how is this thing a "vigilant and restless sentry" when it's vulnerable to sleep?


well, reading the ecology section we see that it's basically cursed with restlessness. It makes sense to me that it would be susceptible to something it craves.

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I guess, but I can't see what use it is a sentry.

That's just the way creatures from myth are. Heroes from myth tend to get past such challenges with cunning and guile rather than just brute forcing their way through it.

But even being realistic. Why use a dog as a sentry when you can just throw it a huge haunch of meat and keep it sated while you do your business? Because it's convenient and mostly effective.

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Yes, well, if I ever employ a sentry, I'll make sure it doesn't suffer from narcolepsy.

Anyway, what does "vulnerable to sleep" actually mean in game terms?


A far as i know, it means nothing. Perhaps the author thought that aberrations were immune to sleep, in which case, that immunity would not apply.

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Vulnerabilities (Ex or Su)
A creature with vulnerabilities takes half again as much damage (+50%) from a specific energy type, regardless of whether a saving throw is allowed or if the save is a success or failure. Creatures with a vulnerability that is not an energy type instead take a –4 penalty on saves against spells and effects that cause or use the listed vulnerability (such as spells with the light descriptor). Some creatures might suffer additional effects, as noted in their descriptions.

Guh. Lol. I searched that chapter for "vulnerable", which is somehow never used in that block of text. Good find.

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So Witch + slumber hex = bye, bye, Argus

(I do hate that slumber hex)


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The characters would have to make a knowledge check to know that sleep is more effective. But most witches will try to slumber on the first round unless it’s obviously immune to sleep, so witches really are a problem.

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