Orc Goliath Druid Favored Class Alternative Bonus


The Orc's Favored Class Alternative Bonus for a Druid is 1/3 Natural AC in Wildshape. If you are a huge giant your wildshape grants +6 natural AC... so each level of druid wouldn't your AC increase 2 points? So at 18 wouldn't your bonus be 36?

Nope. That favored class bonus means that each level adds one third of a point of natural armor. Three levels adds one point, six levels adds two points, etc. It's additive, not multiplicative.

Whoa, no.

When a favored class bonus shows a fraction it's how many levels you need to get the listed bonus, in this case a third of 1 which is +1 every 3 levels.

+1 AC every 3 levels is fantastic.

The wildshape bonus is also available to elves and half-elves and if you are picking half orc for the luck bonus there is a slotless magic item the lucky horseshoe that can give you the same bonus.

^^ this

Doompatrol wrote:
+1 AC every 3 levels is fantastic.

Although it might not be as great for a goliath druid. Because they turn into humanoids, their weapons and armor can actually change size with them. So even with basic armor choices, it seems hard to have a goliath druid with bad AC.

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