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No this isn't about playtest points.

I'm fortunate enough to play in an area where we're fairly active. In the Omaha NE metro area, we run regular Friday (alternate SFS/PFS) and Saturday (PFS) scenarios. We can run through a lot of scenarios in that time.

We know there will be a new AP, new module and four new PFS 2e scenarios. Hopefully we'll see PFS boons on the AP and module quickly. I'd also expect to see about 2 scenarios per month in the future. We'll have to run 1e scenarios just to keep from overloading the PFS 2e scenarios.

I was thinking about how to work around this dilemma and thought about a way to quickly add to that number of options. Open question to PFS organizers: Have you given any thought to updating the Playtest scenarios to PFS 2e? I'd imagine it'd be a little work. Updating monsters, traps and skill DCs. Also developing a chronicle sheet for them.

But with adventures set for level 1, 5, 5 and 10; I'd imagine it'd be easier than writing a new scenario from scratch. Heck, if you converted 1 per month, you'd probably pace with typical character growth. Turning Playtest 1, Rose Street Revenge into a level 1-2 quest alone would add to the playable material. Turn the second and third into 3-6s or narrower range 5-6s.

Well, just a thought anyway.

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Unless the playtest scenarios are sanctioned. We may just have to play what we have available as they become available and still offer PFS1.

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John Brinkman wrote:
Open question to PFS organizers...

Actually, this is a question for the developers. Organizers don't have the authority to modify/update scenarios for sanctioned play. And the answer to your question is yes, they have/are giving it some thought. The issue is, and always has been with older material, is it takes almost as much development time to update old material as it does to create new* and the developers, editors, art/layout, etc are already at maximum capacity. Does that mean it cannot happen? No, but so far they have generally not updated previously published material for organized play. If they had the time in the schedule to produce additional material, it would probably mean new scenarios moreso than updated old ones.

*remember, for the most part, the developers don't write the scenarios, that is done by contracted freelancers. So, just because the story is already written does not mean their job is reduced by much. In addition to updating "monster" stat blocks, they would still have to update all text with references to out-dated game mechanics. This is likely to change the arrangement on the page which means it has to go through art and layout again for realignment and typesetting. It has to go back through editing since they will be making changes to the written text. And then IT has to upload the new version. And keep in mind that all of us who already own the scenario will get the update for free. So there is a significantly reduced revenue incentive to update old scenarios. Unless of course they repackage it as a new scenario if which case it will draw the ire of those who already own the "original" version.

All-in-all updating an old scenario is something we've always talked about. Paizo is simply either unwilling (not enough return on investment) to do it, or unable (not enough hours in the day to add that on top of what they already do) to do it.

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I know that people are usually keen to consume as much material as possible, but increasing the output to deal with those spikes is likely just not an option.
Fortunately, there is a backlog when it comes to SFS and PFS.

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