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No this isn't about playtest points.

I'm fortunate enough to play in an area where we're fairly active. In the Omaha NE metro area, we run regular Friday (alternate SFS/PFS) and Saturday (PFS) scenarios. We can run through a lot of scenarios in that time.

We know there will be a new AP, new module and four new PFS 2e scenarios. Hopefully we'll see PFS boons on the AP and module quickly. I'd also expect to see about 2 scenarios per month in the future. We'll have to run 1e scenarios just to keep from overloading the PFS 2e scenarios.

I was thinking about how to work around this dilemma and thought about a way to quickly add to that number of options. Open question to PFS organizers: Have you given any thought to updating the Playtest scenarios to PFS 2e? I'd imagine it'd be a little work. Updating monsters, traps and skill DCs. Also developing a chronicle sheet for them.

But with adventures set for level 1, 5, 5 and 10; I'd imagine it'd be easier than writing a new scenario from scratch. Heck, if you converted 1 per month, you'd probably pace with typical character growth. Turning Playtest 1, Rose Street Revenge into a level 1-2 quest alone would add to the playable material. Turn the second and third into 3-6s or narrower range 5-6s.

Well, just a thought anyway.

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