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I've been working on some homebrew stuff lately, and it was suggested that I post it here. When first examining Starfinder, there were things I felt were missing, including a way to make what felt like a classic paladin, as well as a way to realize the usual raging combatant. I wasn't missing the barbarian as a savage wilds type of thing as much as I was missing a way to create that krogan or klingon rage, but ultimately it felt like the distinction was moot (although it's the reason I avoided nature-oriented/totemic stuff).

Anyway, here they are:
Paladin Fighting Style:
Rage Fighting Style:

I'd love any feedback, but I'm especially interested in actual performance compared to others, issues with wording, and, more than anything, actual playtesting. So if you use this, please share.

I have another homebrew to share, concerning a mystic connection that uses classic domains and has a much more pronounced religious flavor, but I need to (re)write some spells for it, before I can share.

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You remembered that Paladins are supposed to be LG, first and foremost, and for that I give you thanks.

As for the mechanics? I am rather dubious of the "Purge the Unclean" ability. A Paladin should never really be about "Doing this even if they aren't evil". I'd recommend dropping that and maybe reworking the auras into two separate abilities ( or maybe the level 9 ability gives you one aura, and the level 13 ability gives you another? ).

Also, I'd suggest an explicit statement of what happens if you cease to be LG or act directly against the alignment. A simple "If your alignment ever ceases to be LG, all the fighting style abilities cease to function until such time as your alignment returns to LG" would suffice.

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Yeah, Purge the Unclean works "fine" on say, a LG gold dragon. That doesn't seem right. Also, in Starfinder it's perfectly possible that oozes and vermin are playable character species. Describing entire creature types as "unclean" is a bit, well, racist..

I'm also skeptical about Smite Evil, specifically, that it gives a to hit bonus equal to charisma modifier. Starfinder is extremely cautious about giving out to hit and AC bonuses, they're very tightly balanced against each other. Even getting a +1 bonus is a big deal. So dropping an entire ability score's worth of bonus in that is rather heavy.

It's a bit the same with the Rage style - you're giving out to-hit bonuses in a system where the maximum strength you can have at a given level is very tightly constrained. If you look at other combat styles, they do mitigate (cover) penalties, but don't really give extra to-hit, thus keeping the ceiling in place.

The Brutal Pugilist line that makes all these weapons into operative weapons is probably not very useful for someone gaining a strength bonus. Operative weapons gain only half the bonus from weapon specialization. And so far, we don't know how the 1.5x weapon specialization for natural weapons would interact with that, because there's been no way so far to get operative natural weapons.

Battle Focus raises both your AC and to hit, which again breaks Starfinder's design goal of keeping those numbers within upper bounds for both monsters and PCs.

I like the Paladin! Great, really flavourful. I suggest adding Trailblazer and Seeking to the list of fusions though, to have some more useful things to select.

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