Looking for fresh meat for a Carrion Crown campaign


The party is at the tail end of book 2, and could really use an arcane caster. Current party makeup consists of a Fighter, Oracle, Cleric and a Rogue/Inquisitor. This campaign started in March 2015. So if you join us, note that it may take a very long time to finish.

You should apply in our recruitment thread here.

Rules for Character Creation
• 20 point buy
• Classes: All acceptable.
• Races: Any Core, plus Aasimar, Tiefling, Changeling, and Dhampir.
• Traits: Two, one of which should be from the Carrion Crown Player's Guide. No Drawbacks.
• Starting Wealth: Average by Class
• Alignment: No Evil.
• HP: Max at 1st level, Half + 1 each additional level
• No 3rd party material, please.

• Every character will need at least a short background. If you can incorporate some horror elements into it, that will only help your chances of being selected. Please also give mention to your relationship with Professor Lorrimor.

• Dark Secret: Every PC should have a dark secret of some sort, which, if exposed, would cause extreme embarrassment at the very least. Please keep it PG-13 and not entirely counter to your alignment. This should be part of your background, although if you wish to hide it via a spoiler tag or to send it to me via private message, that's perfectly acceptable.

• Please give me a rough idea of where you want to go with your character, and what skills s/he brings/will bring to the table to round out a good party.

• I'd also like to know your anticipated posting schedule. I'll be expecting at least 1 post per day unless you've already let us know you'll be gone for a short period.

Hello again GM_Fuzzfoot. Long time no see. ;)

What level? VMC, background skills, hero points? What deity are the divine casters using (don't want something that conflicts too much)?

Ah, yes - level 6. No background skills or hero points.

We have a cleric and an inquisitor of Pharasma.

dot, working up a bard / magus

Can we assume pre-start crafting?

Yes, crafting is fine, so you can assume you took advantage of it.

Hi Fuzzfoot, is this just a duplicate of your other open thread? It looked like before you wanted two folks, and now you’d like one. Has anything changed? I think an investigator would be fun (maybe cult hunter would be appropriate l?), but I haven’t gotten settled on anything yet.

If you’re only looking for one arcane, though, that mostly scraps the idea.

Yes, I originally posted here, but then opened up the original recruitment thread which is where everyone is posting.

Link: https://paizo.com/campaigns/GMHarkerPresentsCarrionCrown/recruiting&pag e=last

We are primarily interested in replacing a lost arcane caster, but we might add 2, so go ahead and submit your character if you are interested.

Everyone should just go there now.

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