Leveling Tsuto Kaijitsu, Orik Vanaskerkin, Lyrie Akenja, and Nualia

Rise of the Runelords

The party took Tsuto Kaijitsu, Orik Vanaskerkin, Lyrie Akenja, and Nualia alive and put them in jail in Sandpoint. The sheriff had them transferred to Magnimar, and I am having them escape. I want them to come back when we get to Magnimar. The party is currently dealing with the Skinshaw. Have a couple of power gamers in the game and the entire party has been rather devious, so thinking of powering up everything in the book as they are doing it too easily.

Also Nualia, should I have her complete the transformation and what are some good options for that?

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I probably wouldn't have her complete her transformation unless you're looking to challenge your players, but tossing a handful of various class levels at those lot isn't a bad idea.

Lyrie: Easy enough to bump wizard levels up, or turn to arcanist if you want to be fancy. but could even just do simple "+#" things to dice rolls and HP and then just grab a handful of higher level spells.

Orik: Basic fightery guy - easy level bumps, could even just add "+#" to all his stuff and call it good really.

Tsuto I actually re-worked to be a Slayer-Variant, but bumping up his sneak attack/etc wouldn't be hard. same as before.

Nualia: hard to say... If you do go full transformation, you could easily have her be a variant demonoid of some sort, even a out-of-CR one that has a "doesn't understand her new form" penalty applied to it. I'd probably stick with either one of the "pretty" demonoids, or go full opposite and be absolutely hideous. If you leave her alone, full battle-cleric build wouldn't be bad, having them be a party of 4 v PCs would be a pretty solid group of baddies. You can even justify them counter-picking your party's choices since they've fought them before. (e.g. Got a fireball wizard? Well looks like they all have resist fire on! etc/etc )

Orik pulls aggro, Tsuto jumps in with Sneak attack on a flank (or jumps a caster), Lyrie hits them with control spells (pit/wall/web/etc) and Nualia wades in after Orik with AoE Channel Negative(selective) and kukri/claw attacks (maybe get fancy and add negative energy to the claw or something)

If you want a lore-ish answer to this...

Nualia was defeated, which would certainly not please Lamashtu and convince the demon goddess to offer more powers. Fighter levels is probably the way to go with her for a pure 'level up'.

In my game she was killed rather than captured, but her body was handed over to Ironbriar for a bounty (he came with the reinforcements from Magnimar). Instead of leveling, she was raised as a Revenant (with accompanying template) with a heinous ritual by Xanesha.

Tsuto can easily gain Monk or Rogue levels to gain power. More importantly, if they are working with the Skinsaw and your Tsuto is particularly bloodthirsty, he good begin down the road of the Skinsaw cultists and gain a cleric level.

Orik is simple enough to add fighter levels to. In my game he very much wanted out from Nualia, and escaped in the chaos of Thistletop. He'll reappear as part of the Black Arrows in Book 3 with a couple ranger levels.

Lyrie has just spent several months studying in and around magical archaeological sites tied to Thassilon. Giving her more wizard levels, or even a prestige class, now that she has had time to process her work totally makes sense. (She died in my game and wasn't brought back by anyone).

Grand Lodge

This is very much alternate from my game (Nualia, Tsuto, and Lyrie killed, Orik was found not guilty in court and became a local mercenary). That being said, I like to think about this, so here we go:

- First of all, I don't think Nualia's transformation will have continued because she hasn't managed to commit an atrocity equal to destroying Sandpoint (unless she has in your game, somehow). In either case, she has failed Lamashtu, and likely hasn't been granted any further boons. That being said, she DOES have an evil arm - perhaps, instead of further transforming, the arm has started to infect her, changing her power.

-> Standard version? Increase Nualia's fighter level by 1 to give her armor training, then cleric levels after that.

-> Evil hand version? Nualia loses all levels of Cleric but gains levels in Oracle (Outer Rifts Mystery). Give her a unique curse involving the demon hand. Make If it's corrupting her, some parties might get the idea to sever it.

-> Lamashtu abandoned her? Drop all of Nualia's levels and replace them with levels of Barbarian.

For Tsuto, you have a few options, and I think it's more about following up with the combat tactics he's used in the past.

- Emphasized his archery? -> Zen Archer Monk X / Unchained Rogue 2 works great.

- Emphasized his sneakiness and cleverness? -> Maybe make him a pure-classed Slayer, or maybe a ninja with the unarmed fighting style talents.

- Emphasized his monk coolness? -> Unchained Monk VMC rogue will give him all of his old tricks back but make him a much scarier fighter.


Orik? ... he's a fighter. He doesn't need to be anything more complicated than human fighter. Just keep the levels high and his AC obnoxiously high.


My idea for Lyrie's progression is Wizard 7 / Loremaster X, as she's first and foremost a scholar. If instead you think digging into Thassilonian ruins/knowledge is changing her outlook, she might take a Sin School (wrath maybe?).

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