The Many Deaths of Scribbling Rambler

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PaizoCon was a lot of fun, and I had a great time seeing old friends and making new ones, playing games, shopping, and at the banquet.

It was a bit less successful, however, for my characters.

Not counting the Monday open boardgames with the staff, my characters died in 4 of the 8 sessions I played in, and didn't make out too well in some of the others.

I thought my many failures could serve as an object lesson to my fellow board followers.

Grand Lodge

Game 1: ACG Core Set Demo

A fun little appetizer for a weekend of gaming. I got to check out the revamped Adventure Card Game. In my opinion, every change to the game was an improvement, from packaging, to wording, to variable difficulty.

Death: We actually survived and succeeded at our goal! So the only deaths wer the happy passing of confusing language, multiple basic cards, and temporary closing.

Grand Lodge

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Game 2: Grimmerspace Abattoir 8 with GM Lou Agresta

A scenario set in the new Grimmerspace setting for Starfinder. Our plucky band of entertainers set out for a gig in a food production facility, when things went horribly horribly wrong.

I was lucky to game with a really fun group, and we came up with creative solutions and roleplay as we made our way around the facility.

It is always important to look at the equipment provided for your pre-generated characters :)

Death: My envoy technically survived this session, because he was at 4 hp when our time was up, but we were nowhere near completing the scenario. I still got an "I died in Grimmerspace" ribbon.

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Game 3: Depths of Despair with GM's Brian Bauman and Erik Keith

We played a crew of an experimental submarine out on a shakedown cruise, when things went horribly horribly wrong. Used the Basic RPG System.

The GM's really went all out with the preparation for this scenario, with great props, lighting, and sound, as well as a solid feel for the plotline.

Between this and Grimmerspace, Friday was my favourite day of the con.

Death: My Communications Officer was slow to abandon ship, and was the 5th to arrive as the 4-man decompression chamber separated. He further failed to pilot the doomed sub in an attempt at a heroic sacrifice.

Grand Lodge

Game 4: Starfinder Beginner Box Delve with GM Cosmo

I played Keskodai in a fun, quick encounter using the stripped down Starfinder rules.

At least, it would have been before Cosmo got a hold of it and turned our opponent into a nanite clown.

Death: Keskodai survived, but my soul died a little when Cosmo attacked with the rubber chicken of doom.

Grand Lodge

Game 5: Pathfinder 2 Delve with GM Whitney

Sadly, this was my only opportunity to play PF2 over the convention. Things had improved over the playtest, but I still didn't get much of a feel for the new ruleset.

Still, a fun little encounter.

Death: Poor, poor Merisiel got crushed after several rounds of maneuvering to get into a flanking position.

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