PFS-Legal Half-Elf Kitsune?

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Okay so I just mostly want to know if there's any reason I couldn't do this (optimization be darned) before I plague my PFS GMs with it:

1. Play a Half-Elf
2. Take the Magical Heritage (kitsune) feat (human-only; do half-elves count?)
3. Take Magical Tail (kitsune feat)
4. Be a half elf with a fox tail!!!

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Technically yes it works, Half-Elves do in fact count as human for feats and other things...but unless you really want the nearly useless magic effects from the tails, save yourself a feat, take the Wilding feat from Ultimate Wilderness instead. Only costs 1 feat instead of 2, and gives you Wild Empathy, along with letting you qualify for a bunch of other feats. Plus you don't have to worry about anyone complaining about heritage shenanigans.

Ultimate Wilderness wrote:

You were touched by nature at an early age and share a kinship with wild creatures. Your body might bear animalistic features, such as bestial ears or a tail, or your presence may be subtly unlike that of others.

Prerequisites: Any neutral alignment, must be taken at 1st level.

Benefit: You gain the druid’s wild empathy ability, using your character level as your druid level. If you have one or more levels in a class that grants wild empathy, you gain an additional +3 bonus on wild empathy checks. You are treated as an animal for the purpose of harmful mind-affecting effects that target animals (such as charm animal).

Special: A character who has this feat can select the Animal Soul or Aspect of the Beast feats without meeting the prerequisites.

Wilding lets you be a true anime style fox (or any other animal) girl (or boy) with ears and a tail on an otherwise human (or half-elf, or any race) character.

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Oh, this... this is even better, because what I want even more than to play an elfy anime foxgirl is to play a short elfy anime foxgirl! Wilding halfling, here we come!

For anyone curious, I've decided to make a character that makes my heart happy, even if she isn't actually good at anything.

This... might actually become a common thread on my non-kitsune characters.

I apologize in advance to everyone in my party.

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Gnome would be a fun option too, vibrant hair colors are super appropriate for anime themed characters :)

Pretty sure Wilding is one of my favorite additions from the Ultimate Wilderness book. I've always loved anime style catgirls, and that one feat allows me to play one 100% legally with no room for table variation.

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I'm really glad people are enjoying the Wilding feats. This sort of character was really the inspiration for them. ^_^

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I'm so excited to put this character together :D short-fox-with-a-spear-and-a-bow-who-also-has-some-sort-of-cold-affinity is almost there!!!

Just gotta pick a class and some traits, which should fill in the rest... but if we want to talk about that, this'll be an Advice thread instead :P

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Isabelle Lee wrote:
I'm really glad people are enjoying the Wilding feats. This sort of character was really the inspiration for them. ^_^

Wilding is one of the saving graces of the book. If the Oozemorph archetype had actually been a viable option, UW would have ended up one of my favorite books...sadly the shifter in general is pretty underwhelming, and the oozemorph is basically unplayable without house rules.

...Is there a reason why the Wilding Strike chain is so much weaker than Monk/Brawler Unarmed Strike? I think I'd be hard pressed to justify taking all these feats when I could just be an unarmed strike class instead and also have the synergies required to make them work in addition to the damage dice (IE, getting TWF for free as a Brawler rather than needing to also spend feats on that).

Animal Soul and Wilding Stride are quite nice, though. Wilding Mind is tempting too since you get the reroll after you know you failed, but the penalty for using it is pretty severe.

I only designed the first of the Wilding Strike feats - the rest were the developers expanding on my work. So I can't speak precisely to the motives. ^_^

My best guess is niche protection... trying to give other characters the option while leaving the unarmed classes as the best option. That's just speculation, though.

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