Wolf's Rain Race Adapation: Wolves & Hanabito


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So, I recently started re-watching the anime Wolf's Rain, a personal favorite, and it struck me to try adapting the two main hero races, the wolves and the hanabito(Cheza and the old woman are the only examples), into Pathfinder races. Note, I did take liberties with their lore to make them more setting generic. I also guessed at certain elements like how their age categories would work. The races were constructed using the pathfinder race builder guidelines, but there are a number of custom traits. Each of the custom traits has its estimated race point value listed, and the new alternate traits have the same value as the trait they replace.

Wolf, Paradise-Seeker


As always, feedback(especially on the custom traits), comments, opinions, and suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Thanks.

-The age categories of both races have been altered.
- The Quadruped and Handless traits of the Paradise-Seeker have been replaced with Qudrupedal Anatomy. The new trait better clarifies their limitations and defines their available magic item slots.
-The feat "Pseudo Real Human Guise" no longer includes a penalty on attack rolls and skill checks while the granted ability is active.

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