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When you play a card that has a "during recovery" power on another player's turn, when do you attempt recovery for that card? Immediately? At the end of that player's turn? Or wait until the end of your turn? I'm leaning towards "At the end of that player's turn" but wanted to see if anyone else had a different interpretation.

Relevant quotes from the rulebook. Emphasis mine:

Core Set rulebook, Your Turn wrote:
End Your Turn: [...] Then, if you have any cards in a recovery pile, do whatever they say to do during recovery. [...]
Core Set rulebook, Playing Cards wrote:
Banish: [...] However, if you would banish a card you played that has a during recovery power, instead set it aside in a recovery pile. At the end of the turn, you can attempt to recover some of these cards (see End Your Turn on page 6).

I looked through the example turns and didn't see anything about recovery on another player's turn.

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They've added that to the Core FAQ already - recovery happens for every player at the end of every turn.

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Oh sweet, I didn't know there was already a FAQ. Thanks!

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