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Some racial traits, such as Strix Mobility, set movement speed below the usual default. If, say, a Polymorph 2 form has that trait as well as the 40 move speed from the movement options, is the speed of that form 25 feet, or 40 feet?

It would be 40 and you picked a useless racial trait. So don’t do that.

I mean, that racial trait includes a fly speed as well, so it's not *useless*.

There's a few traits that combine multiple forms of movement into one trait, essentially assessing a penalty to move speed in exchange for the second mode of movement - hence why it might come up.

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If you take a polymorph form with the Strix Mobility trait, then I think your base land speed would be 20 feet when so transformed.

If you took the 40 foot land speed option mentioned in the polymorph rules AND the Strix mobility trait, then I think your base land speed would be 40 feet, as Xenocrat stated. I agree that it would be kind of useless, as there are better traits out there with faster fly speeds you could get without the low land speed.

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