a feat ive long forgotten for leadership

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im hoping someone here can give me a hand. im going to be starting a pathfinder game based on fire emblem and will include army style combat and i plan on using leadership as the basis to gather my army. there was a feat a few years back i saw that increased the number of followers you got by 50% and i cant seem to find it again, does anyone know the name of the feat and could share it here? much appreciated

The daring general cavalier can have a ton of followers. But I couldn’t find a feat that did exactly what you want.

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Ring of the Ecclesiarch and Suzerain Scepter double your follower numbers, but I'm not seeing a feat that does this sort of thing (though there are many that increase your leadership score, which might or might not increase your followers by 50%)

Yeah, there are a number of ways to increase your effective Leadership score, or negate penalties, including specifically with regards to followers.
(There are also ways to make it depend on something other than Charisma, which could be useful. )

Now depending on how long ago you saw that, I'm pretty sure ye olde 3.5 had something like that.
Whether you can get that to fly in a PF game would be GM fiat anyway, obviously.

For PF, sounds more like a class feature, but I can't find it.

The feat you're looking for is Recruits. You get half your level in cohorts but can only have one travel with you at a time.

There is the mythic path ability Crusader that allows you to gather followers as if you had the leadership feat. Crusader specifies that if you have leadership you gain followers from both sources effectively doubling your number of followers.

I remember something similar to what you are describing, however i think it was in a 3pp which was based on building armies and mass combat.

I wrote this post about all the options I found that affect leadership.

The next post is about maximizing your followers, and got to 4 cohorts, 17x followers, and +28 leadership score.


There is a book in the d&d 3.5 name heroes of battle that have feat for leadership extra follower increase double the follower u have, improve cohort you cohort is 1 lv lower, inspirational leadership +2 will save; and all this feat give +1 to leadership score

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What Zepheri is referring to are Leadership Feats from 3.5's Heroes of Battle. Each of these feats also improves his leadership score by 1.
Extra Followers: Double followers.
Improved Cohort: Cohort's max level is one less than yours.
Inspirational Leadership: If not shaken or worse, +1 will vs. fear and morale checks. +5 to rally checks.
Practiced Cohort: Cohort gains teamwork benefits you get. Not the same as a teamwork feat.


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