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Seelah's Honor Shield role has a power feat: "When you encounter a boon, you may reveal a Shield armor to evade it (and you may reload it instead of shuffling it into its location)"

The first part is simple enough, if I don't think I can acquire it, I can put it back to let somebody else try. But if I take the upgrade, it gets fuzzier. My assumption, based on the wording, is that instead of shuffling it in I get to put it back on top, so that the next person knows exactly when to expect to encounter it. The problem is, that's not what it actually says. The rulebook very clearly defines "Reload: Put it on top of your deck." Which means by applying that definition here, I'm not putting the encountered boon back on the top of the location, I'm putting it on top of my deck instead. Which would mean that Seelah with a Shield can auto-acquire every single boon she encounters... which seems pretty strong to me.

Did I miss a rule somewhere that modifies the "Reload" definition when the card isn't one of "your cards"? Or is that just an overzealous application of the new terms somewhere that they probably shouldn't have been used? Or is Seelah's new role really that powerful?

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The intent is clearly to put it back on top of the location and is how I would play it. Definitely a candidate for a FAQ though, as I don't believe you've missed any rules that change what "reload" means for a card in a location as opposed to one of your cards.

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I think it's intended to be read as "you may (reload it instead of shuffling it) into its location," where "into its location" is describing either action, but I agree that it's not particularly clear.

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Agreeing with Mork on both accounts.

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Added to FAQ.

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