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On p.2 of the DD AP booklet it says that I need to build the vault with ALL cards of all levels except for banes. Is this.. correct?? If that is true then I will be getting a shot at level 2 and 3 items starting in my first adventure (Rumble Road)?

Why was that rule changed? I liked "leveling-up" to new items and spells and such in v1.0.

Is there any reason I can't play the old way where I only use cards from the scenario level I am on and any levels I have already completed?

Please let me know what I am doing wrong here and why the big change? (Was this covered in a blog post I missed??)


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You're correct - you add all the boons to the vault, but just the level 0 and 1 banes.

The rule you may have missed is that at the end of each scenario, you may only keep cards with a level equal or less than the level of the scenario just played.

Core rule book, "Rebuilding", pg 17 wrote:
You may not keep cards whose level is higher than the most recently played scenario’s #, with the exception of Loot cards (see Loot on page 17).

Hello PonSquared, I wondered the same, but I believe it is limited to the Dragon's Demand and Curse works similarly to what you would expect.
It threw me off as well when I read my shiny new Core yesterday (Yay!!! :) ). First I thought - huh, a new rule, I guess? And then it was missing in the rule changes text at the end of the rulebook.

So, the way I understand it, you build up the Vault with all 0,1,2,3 boons in the Core (?except several Loot cards? - back to that in a while). This is reinforced by the statement that you should add level 2 Banes at the start of the Path of the Dragon and similarly on the third (and last adventure) for level 3 Banes.
What prevents you from having Level 3 cards in the deck while playing Adventure 1? In the rulebook, in the "Rebuilding" section (p. 17) it is written that you may not keep any boon having level higher than your [b]last played[b] scenario #. So, you have them just for a while at lower levels. It also means that replaying lower scenarios has the potential to easily lose any higher level items from your deck.

Loot (at the same page) has some problems for Dragon's Demand. I am very happy that you may find the Loot cards during gameplay later and that they are not available only once. However, consider the lvl 2 ally Riding Allosaurus (huh, even weirder than Baby Triceratops). You get it as a reward for scenario 1B - OK, that is fine, Loot cards have "level #+1" (p. 17). English is not my first language, so pardon me, if I'm wrong, but that statement is unclear. The intent is surely that "loot cards count as if they had level 1 lower than what is printed" (so you keep it if you earned it, and can find it 1 adventure later), but it can be more easily construed as "their level is 1 higher than printed" or "their level is always 1 higher than the current adventure level - that is the meaning of #". They should be stored along with cards for Future Adventures.
Back to Dragon's Demand: you should mix all the cards into the Vault, right? Including the four Loot cards. So if you encounter Riding Allosaurus in scenario 1*, you can keep it per rules on p. 17 (if we use their probable intent). Storybook trumps cards, cards trump rules (p. 1). I intend to play with those cards as if they should be added along with Banes of the same printed level.

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We're saying that adventure 1 generally gives out level 2 loot, and adventure 2 generally gives out level 3 loot, and so on. The Loot rules only let you keep them if you earn them part of a reward—if you manage to get lucky and acquire them ahead of time, they go back into the vault at the end of the scenario.

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So we just played Ramble Road and did it with the vault setup correctly as stated in the rules. We earned a Lev 2 healing card at one point that gave us a clutch heal later in the game and won. So, yeah, we are cool with with the vault setup for DD.

It is really interesting that the vault was something the designers thought about when creating v2.0 adventure paths. I look forward to Curse when we finish DD to see how things change.

Exciting stuff.

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