Escape Room on Friday afternoon, anyone?

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A few of us have made a reservation at an escape room in Seattle for Friday afternoon, when there are fewer options for organized play, and we’re looking for folks to join us! We did a different escape room at the same place last year and it was very good - immersive, very high production values so it felt real, and clever puzzles to solve.

We’re planning to go to Seattle Escape Games , and have signed up for the Friday, 4:15 PM slot of The Bank Job. That leaves some time for lunch after morning games, and time to get back for the 7 PM evening slot. It’s about 20 minutes to the place, and we’ll take an Uber or taxi to get there.

Of the three of us, one is an escape room veteran and a good teacher of how to approach them, and the others have done a few escape rooms but still have much to learn. If you’re interested, or have questions about this plan or escape rooms in general, or have built an escape room in the maintenance tunnels at the Doubletree that you’d like to invite us to come check out, post here or shoot me a PM.

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