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The traditional, annual, and extraordinary after-banquet trivia contest returns in just about one week's time! Show off your (and your teammates') knowledge of Paizo-related trivia, from adventures and rules to setting lore and licensed products—a little over an hour of entertainment that could win you and your teammates exciting Paizo store rewards!

If you're interested in participating, stick around after the banquet wraps up on Saturday night (and you're welcome to participate even if you missed the banquet). We take about a 20-minute break for the hotel staff to clean up the tables we're using, then we convene toward the front-center of the ballroom. That means the exact start time varies a little every year, but it'll be starting around 10–10:30 pm. If you'd like to muster a team beforehand, that's great. If you'd like to participate but don't have a team, no problem; there are usually plenty of smaller groups that are happy to welcome strangers.

The trivia consists of five rounds of five questions each, and each team records its answers for the round on a sheet of paper to submit for scoring. The highest score after five rounds wins, with the possibility of tie-breakers.

We'll be observing the following rules for the event:

  • Teams should consist of 7 or fewer participants.
  • Don't reference any phones, tablets, or other reference devices out during the event (checking your phone between rounds is fine).
  • Observers and tasteful hecklers are welcome, but please stay seated to one side and don't be too disruptive.
  • Spelling needs to be accurate enough that the answer's phonetically unmistakable as the correct answer.
  • If you're asked to name only one of something, you may provide multiple answers, but only the first (or circled) answer is counted for credit (whether correct or not). Everything else is just for bragging rights.

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    I've missed this every year, usually due to all of the excitement over the banquet announcements, but I think this will be the year I make it! I hear nothing but good things, and I love a challenge!

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    John Compton wrote:
  • Observers and tasteful hecklers are welcome, but please stay seated to one side and don't be too disruptive.
  • Please define “tasteful”...

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    Leg o' Lamb wrote:
    John Compton wrote:
  • Observers and tasteful hecklers are welcome, but please stay seated to one side and don't be too disruptive.
  • Please define “tasteful”...

    Every year Thursty is a jackal in a slightly different way, so I have to keep the definition flexible.

    With slightly more seriousness, keep the commentary from disrupting competitors from being able to hear, discuss, and answer questions. Likewise, allow me to be able to run the competition without having to repeat myself (or experience a lot of delays in administrating the event) a lot because of side chatter. Don't spoil the answers to any questions or provide any tables an unfair advantage. In general, be accommodating if I have to ask you to tone it down a bit.

    By your command, Lord Compton.

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    This was a lot of fun last year. Looking forward to it!

    This has been a highlight both years I've been at the 'Con. Highly recommend it, and looking forward to playing again in a few nights.

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    Thanks again for a delightful trivia contest. It's great to run this every year, create some tricky questions, and read your answers (both the correct ones and the, ah, overly creative ones).

    Congratulations to the winning team, Viva Kadrical, with 16 points!

    My bemused condolences to the playing-by-very-different-rules team Sarenrae After Dark, whose attempt to earn 0 points as amusingly as possible was ruined on the final question, leaving them with a final score of 1.

    I'll see everyone next year. Encourage your friends to join in!

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    Now Viva Kadrical needs to predict the answer to a question next year for our new team name :)

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    +1 to the Trivia Contest, a favorite event of mine.

    Link to the questions. Answers are later in the thread.

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    VIVA KADRICALLLLL!!!!!! - Jared

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