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So how would the BFG work as a Starfinder weapon? I'm thinking it would be a level 20 heavy weapon, and do massive damage (like 20d6), but have low ammo capacity (maybe 20, and would take 5 charges a shot) as well as taking a full round action to fire since in the games it usually takes a couple seconds to charge up.

I think you could take some existing weapons to simulate it.

For example, the 12d10 paragon reaction reaction would average 66 damage. Vs a 70 average for 20d6. It has 6 rounds with a usage of 1.

You could look through other existing weapons to find something that fits your fancy, but I think this is pretty close to what you want.

It's been a really long time since I've played any Doom, but I think the BFG had a bit of an AoE? So maybe we're looking at one of the energy weapons with a 5ft radius for the chassis here.

The BFG is a Heavy Weapon in the Plasma category with the Explosion property. Just reflavor whatever gun you want that meets those requirements to be your BFG.

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Any heavy weapon that's a few levels above what you're supposed to have is a BFG.

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It's basically a blue star plasma cannon, surely? It has the Explosion and Unwieldy properties and takes the same sort of battery as any high-tier energy weapon with usage so high it only gets ten shots. Single-target damage isn't as high as you might want but then no area effect energy weapon has any business beating a level-equivalent reaction cannon in that regard.

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Technically, the original version of the BFG is more of a cone than an explosion. It mostly comes down to the exact preference in details. Basically, just pick a suitable energy ( preferably plasma ) weapon that is Heavy, Unwieldy, and has some kind of area effect.

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