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I decided to volunteer for a few slots this year, for the first time. I filled out the Google form and got an automated response, but never heard anything else about it until May. On May 2 I got an email titled 'PaizoCon Schedule Acceptance Reminder' from PaizoConLeads, saying that I'd never accepted the PaizoCon schedule they sent me on April 15, and the schedule wasn't binding until they got a reply. The email said I could reply if I needed them to resend the schedule.

I searched through my Junk, Trash, any and all filters I could think of, but couldn't find the schedule. So I emailed back, asking them to resend the schedule. I emailed them again a few days later, offering an alternative email in case somehow they were being blocked by yahoo mail. Then I emailed again a week later.

Still no schedule.

However, when the lottery finished, I had a table I'd never signed up for show up on my event schedule that I couldn't remove. Am I meant to be GM'ing that table? I suppose I can just show up to the con prepped to GM that one table, and assume that I'm not assigned to volunteer for any other activities or time slots, but I'm perplexed. Have I missed something obvious about how this is meant to work?

Something similar is happening to me.
I never got any mail from the organizers after volunteering, but i have 2 non-removable slots signed up.

I contacted customer service, they told me to go to a slack channel to contact Tonya Woldridge there, who is is not responding to my messages.

Honestly i am really angry about this.

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I just got an email from them, with an apology. Sorry to hear that you’re in a similar boat, GreyYeti.

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I flagged this so that SaraMarie can look things over too.

I hope things settle out for you.

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The Organizing Committee has been in contact with both individuals at this point.

Happy Gaming!

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