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In PH 1 we had templates for half celestial, half fiend, and half Jinn which could be treated as a missing link in a planetouched's bloodline for those who chose Direct lineage to their Outsiders bloodline this covered tieflings, aasimars, and geniekin; other planetouched such as duskwalkers, aphorites, and ganzi specifically do not possess this option due to their Origins, however I only remember half efreet, half DJinn, and half janni options I may have overlooked the other two but how may PH2 introduce these half Outsiders as possible ancestors for the big three planetouched, if this should be done, and if so how, if not why

I know templates have been mentioned in the other thread, and i’m starting to wonder how would templates work with the Ancestry system? What if templates were set up as Universal Heritages? A player would have to take it at first level(unless wish shenanigans), it would give access to both ancestries for feats, and it would leave room to have them as full Ancestries as well.

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