Best element / talents for a battlefield controller? (Kineticist)


I want to make a kineticist that focuses on battlefield control....

What would you say is the best element, or combination of elements, wild talents to make this work? Dip, no dip? Feats, etc....

Atm we are lvl 7, close to 8.
20 point buy, Paizo products, no 3rd party stuff...
Also what race would work best with options given?


(FYI, we are melee lite.... my current char is the main fighter type. We do have a occultist, a monk, a wizard, an oracle, a druid and a soon to be replacement of unknown type atm. So we have a lot of our bases covered.... If i go down and need a replacement, i think a battlefield controller will really help us out in combat)

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Wait, so your party contains a wizard AND an oracle AND a druid, three classes that excel at battlefield control; frankly, wizard and druid BFC is the best in the game. The class you've chosen is not very good at BFC; there's really no way you can compete with a wizard or druid.

That said, aether all the way, and hope your GM is lenient with the TK Haul ability; that's about the only thing you're going to get.

Well our wizard and druid are semi regulars.... they there every other week kinda thing. The oracle is set up as a debuffer, the wiz a blaster/semi buffer, and the druid likes summons and call lightning. Not alot of actual battlefield control going on... And i like the go all day feel of a kineticist

The all day stuff would be quite limited though. Suppose you go with the water element; you could get grease at-will which is nice but still, a first level spell effect. As a kineticist you don't get wall effects until L9 at least. You could get kinetic cover and pillar but those are very small areas affected. Water manipulator is excellent if you're on a ship but not a lot of use in many other situations.

On the other hand if you go with aether you have two tricks available: foe throw to move enemies if you hit them and they fail a fort save, and telekinetic haul to move large objects around (which will be followed by arguing about exactly how much of an obstacle that table or tree trunk actually is).

You can do this but it's substantially weaker than a wizard or druid doing the same thing with zero investment other than choosing to prepare some BFC spells today (or almost any summoner, or generally speaking any 6 or 9-level caster built for BFC) trying the same sort of thing.

e.g. an undine kineticist 8 going water/water as their element might have these wild talents: kinetic cover, slick, water manipulator, sleet storm (see kinetic invocation, the 'special' section). The last costs 1 burn (not reduced by gather power) so isn't at will but you probably want it anyway if BFC is your thing. Infusions might run extended range, kinetic blade, entangling infusion, impale and torrent. This would allow you range, avoiding being screwed in melee, a debuff which roots the enemy to the ground if you hit them twice, and a couple of (rather poor) area effects.

e.g.2. a human (or whatever) kineticist 8 going aether/water might have the wild talents kinetic cover, telekinetic haul, telekinetic invisibility and slick, and infusions extended range, kinetic blade, spindle and foe throw. Your one area effect (spindle) is even worse and you have less tricks, but telekinetic haul might make up the difference. At-will invisibility for yourself has its points too.

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