Help Optimize My Paladin Cohort


Hi all - I'm playing a campaign that allows for DSP material, so I'm running a Thrallherd and wanted to optimize his Thrall (cohort):

Soren Koresh
Paladin 15 (Oathbound; Oaths of Vengeance and Crusade)
Cleric 1 (Channeler of the Unknown; ex-Elder Mythos Cultist)
Brawler 2
Holy Vindicator 1

1 Alignment Channel
2 Quicken Spell-like Ability
3 Divine Interference
4 Unsanctioned Knowledge (Enlarge Person or Grease; Heroism or Mirror Image; Bestow Curse or Good Hope; Greater Invisibility or Air Walk)
5 Power Attack
6 Combat Expertise
7 Combat Reflexes
8 Improved Shield Bash
9 Shield Slam
10 Shield Master
11 Bashing Finish
Two-weapon Fighting (Brawler Flurry)
Improved Two-weapon Fighting (Brawler Bonus)
Greater Two-Weapon Fighting (Martial Flexibility)

The Cleric level is there to provide some flavor - he was rescued from a cult, only to become a paladin (and ironically then to fall under the sway of the Thrallherd), but it also provides a few extra uses of Channel Energy (GM is allowing paladin levels to add to cleric's channel dice), as well as exotic weapon proficiency (waveblade), Channel Entropy, and the Luck domain. Holy Vindicator is there to allow him to channel into his shield for a juicy +9 AC; if he gets hit (possible essentially only on a critical hit) he can drop one of his rather useless level 1 slots (2 Domain slots are always True Strike) to force a re-roll.

The idea is that he will spend his first round moving next to the Big Bad, then Smite Evil and Channel Entropy (9d6 untyped area damage) to get everyone's attention. If anyone moves away, the extended reach from Enlarge Person will give him attacks of opportunity with his waveblade, which crits on 15+ and triggers free shield bashes when it does so. At the start of his next round, he'll use his swift to cast Bit of Luck, granting re-rolls to all d20 rolls for 1 round (2 with Headband of Fortune's Favor), and then do a full attack for 8 waveblade hits, shield bashing on every crit (which should be many, given the large threat range and rerolls to every attack).

What changes would improve this? Right now I'm considering dropping 1 level of Paladin to get a level of Fighter and Selective Channel so I can Channel Entropy near allies. Does anything about this build clearly not work like I think it does?

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