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I’ve seen the discussion on Can you take 20 on Treat Deadly Wounds? I am inclined to allow a Take 20 on Treat Deadly Wounds. Can you also Take 20 on the other medical tasks that don’t explicitly forbid it?

These are

  • Long-Term Stability,
  • Treat Disease, and
  • Treat Drugs or Poison

Also, would you require a Med Kit (or better, like Advanced Med Kit, Med Lab, etc.) before characters can apply Long-Term Stability?

The reason I’m asking these questions is to put together a Starfinder Medical Reference sheet for players (just in case anyone gets hurt while adventuring). See the “Starfinder Medical Reference Share” Google sheet in

Any suggestions for improvement are welcome.

As I see it, if you have medical ranks, Sprayflesh let’s you get around the daily limit on healing as long as your wallet and patient’s Resolve points hold out.

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Take 20

When you have plenty of time to devote to a skill’s task and that task has no adverse effect upon failure, the GM might rule that you can take 20 on that skill check. This is similar to taking 10, but instead of assuming your roll was a 10, you assume it’s a 20.

Taking 20 means you are making multiple attempts at the task until you get it right. It also assumes that you are failing many times before you succeed. Taking 20 typically takes 20 times as long as attempting a single check would take (usually 2 minutes for a skill that takes a standard action to perform).

That's a definite no on treat deadly wounds unless you're sitting in camp for a month or something.

RAW:The skill has an adverse effect on failure: you've used your attempt that day and can't try again.

Sense: You can't sew someone's liver back in 20 times and "19th retry's the charm!". It's not a piece of leggo.

balance: the DC is rather high, its supposed to be hard. Allowing take 20 allows a moderately bright boyscout with a medkit (1 rank 3 trained 1 int) to automatically succeed

By no lens of rules interpretation does allowing that look like a good idea

Long-Term Stability

Absolutely not, that task has nadverse effect upon failure

Treat Disease, and
Treat Drugs or Poison

those tasks have an adverse effect upon failure

The mechanism you're looking for is take 10. When you're good enough to just come in check a pulse check your brain out and jab someone with an IV line THEN you can automatically succeed.

I was debating about adding a "Take 20 Allowed?" column on my reference sheet, but it seemed that you could argue that none of the medical tasks should have allow Take 20 (then why do only two of the tasks explicitly forbid it?) . On the other hand, I feel that Long-Term Stability and the treat Disease, Drugs or Poison, could be debated on the "adverse affect upon failure". Is it harmless in the sense that the patient doesn't gain the benefit of medical treatment and is no worse off than making the healing rolls on their own?

I suppose that brings up another question debated in the other thread about "Take 20 on Treat Deadly Wounds": Is the limit of 1 healing per day talking about successes, or attempts? Suppose you have 4 characters that have medical ranks and can attempt healing, it seems that one failing shouldn't prevent the others from applying their skill and trying to do better, until one of them succeeds or they all fail (for that day, for that particular patient). So is your character's failure on a Treat Disease roll harmful in that it blocks another character, with possibly much higher skill, from making an attempt?

I have another question on Take 20, I've assumed it allows you to add modifiers although the word "modifiers" is not mentioned like it is with Take 10.

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