How would you decorate an air themed chamber?

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I'm trying to create a series of elemental rooms and I'm having trouble with air. So far I've got ...

Earth: Green, brown, emeralds, plants.
Water: Blue, Green, sapphires, water.
Fire: Red, orange, yellow, rubies, topazes.

Only a rough outline there's plenty of room for me to create there. Air is however giving me trouble as it's clear (diamonds) and I could perhaps go blue/white for a cloudy sky but air is tricky so I seek advice on concepts to decorate an air themed room.

White and yellow I believe are associated with air. I did some research on this many years ago for my ToEE campaign. Unfortunately I don't have the research to hand but I recall drawing on the meanungs of colours and some Wiccan sources for inspiration.

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Interesting I'd have put yellow as fire not air thanks though.

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Blues and whites for colors, lots of subtle fragrances (with no obvious source, perhaps permanent illusions, or rendering the source flowering plants or incense sticks or open fonts of perfumed water invisible permanently?). Patterns on the walls varying from clear blue skies to stormy weather (perhaps one for each season, with a white snow-filled sky for winter, a blue sky for summer, a thunderstorm for spring and a gray sky for autumn?), with a starlit night sky full of constellations on the ceiling.

Anything physical could have an 'airy' delicate and convoluted look to it, like a glass candelabra that is made of many twisting threads of glass wrapped around each other and spiraling up and out, like rising smoke or a funnel cloud.

Since d20 also associates air with electricity / lightning, fulgurites could feature as well, or wooden furniture show signs of charring, as it is made from wood taken from a lightning-struck tree. Metal or stone items could similarly be metals or stones associated with electricity, like copper and quartz.

Windows, if an option, could be left open to the outside breezes, and even a subterranean chamber (not the ideal choice for a shrine to the element of air, but one works with what's available. They can't all be open to the elements and atop a mountain...) could have 'chimneys' that reach up to the surface and allow for ventilation, which, ideally, will create it's own sound effects, perhaps a whistling, perhaps an eerie moaning, perhaps even a frightening sound like an oncoming train! Other items in the room could be arranged, like wind chimes, to sound when the air moves, so that another sense is represented, to make up for air being invisible.

Fluttering clothes or ribbons, trimmed with white dove's and blue jay's feathers, could also be set near air ventilation shafts (or open windows), in the appropriate colors, to make the 'invisible' air's motion more visible to the room's visitors.

Ceiling fans. If you don't have the magic to move them, mount them on axles that go to windmills on the surface. If you have a fire going, have a windmill in the chimney to provide power for them (sailing ships had something like this to turn the rotisserie in the galley), although the updraft from a fire can also be used to provide a larger draft by Venturi effect without needing fans. The same principles work if you have a geothermal heat source nearby (in the winter, even just use the stored heat in the ground being greater than the surface temperature). If you have a stream nearby, use a water wheel to provide power for the fans. Preferably, the ceiling fans are big and slow, and have fancy (but light) artwork on them.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

Just a bit of context for those that care it's to gain access to a powerful alchemists library to gain entry (and not be splattered like a dropped cake or as a dropped cake I've not decided yet) you need to lower the wards and open the doors which require 4 keys. Eaach room requires one person to face the challenge inside alone. Earth room is combat against a manticore, water is agility (athletics or acrobatics) to ride a bucking sea horse till it tires (killing it counts as failure), air is intellect by passing a series of tests (knowledge checks) and fire is creativity (perform check).

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