Soothing word spell from Condition Cards


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Not sure if this is the right spot for it, but the condition cards come with a new spell, soothing word. My copy of the cards lists it as a ranger 2 spell (among other classes), however d20PFSRD's website lists it as a ranger 3 spell.

Normally I'd chalk it up to a mistake on d20pfsrd's part since they're not official, but I know the condition cards have gone through a few reprints where there were some mistakes, then the mistakes were corrected, then the mistakes were added back in on accident for the latest printing.

For everyone's info, my cards came with the box that say "PATHFINDER CARDS" on them rather than "GAMEMASTERY", and the errors on the Confused and Fatigued cards are still there, so it looks to be the latest printing (where the box was changed but the errors that were removed from previous printings snuck back in).

Grand Lodge

Looks like I missed it on Archives of Nethys the first time I looked, but it's a ranger 2 spell there, so I'll believe what the card says.

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