Let's Build a Cragheart


Hey guys,

My wife and I have been playing Gloomhaven for our RP fix outside of our weekly gaming groups. I'm loving the game thus far, and the character I'm playing is a Cragheart.

What makes this class cool is that he works like a Druid/Paladin with a splash of Barbarian thrown into the mix. The best way to describe him is like a nature paladin. He has heals, a lot of raw damage and high HP. I've really enjoyed his versatility for throwing boulders, diving into melee and using nature spells to support his team. He also uses natural attacks like a monk or brawler (well mine does anyway).

That got me wondering if there's a good class or archetype that might fit that mold in Pathfinder. My group will be starting a new campaign soon, and if I can find something viable that fits his theme, I'd love to build one. Has anyone else considered a build for him?

It has been a while since I played the cragheart, but it seems obvious you'd use the Oread Race. They do have a Student of Stone archetype that is about tanking which I suppose wouldn't be the worst. Perhaps a few level dip of druid combined with elemental fist(leaf? acid?) could potentially get the job done. And besides, monk druid is a pretty classic strong build.

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