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Chris Lambertz wrote wrote:

... As community members respond to the question, they may mark it as an FAQ candidate for our team to review. The FAQ system is based on individual posts, not by each thread—spamming a thread with FAQ clicks will not generally result in a faster answer. ...

I don't understand how we are expected to indicated our support for/interest in a particular OP's question.

Is it by clicking the FAQ button on the first post of the thread as indicated on the first sentence of the quotation ("mark it as a FAQ candidate")?

Or by posting in the thread after the thread's original post, as indicated by the second sentence ("based on individual posts, not by each thread-spamming a thread with FAQ clicks will not generally result in a faster answer")?

(Also, I realise that the likelihood of our getting any more FAQs sorted out is vanishingly small at this point, but I would at least like to know how to express my interest properly.)

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Consider this my official support of some kind of systematic overhaul of the FAQ and Errata submission process and procedure.

It's been 10 years, you can at least create a nice web-form to report issues from the given Product Page easily enough, even with this custom built website, I believe in you Paizo team!

I don't think we'll get any more FAQs from Pathfinder 1st edition, period.

But the issue is worth considering how to make this work better for 2nd edition (which hopefully will have fewer Gordian knots in the rules).

Each post has the option to be selected as a FAQ candidate,

As such, you click the post that either already has FAQ clicks, or if none appropriate, the post that most clearly expresses the question.

It is something of a tradition for a tread that gets heated enough to ask for a FAQ to have someone start a new thread withe the question clearly stated (and in bold), and with supporting evidence (on both sides). This new thread usually refers to the thread (and post, sometimes) that spawned the question. The one who makes this new thread then posts a link to it in the original thread, and asks people to go to the new thred to click the FAQ button and add relevant info.

Here is one I made. It shows the question in an easily spotten bold text, links the generating thread, and even spoilers spell text to keep it from being a wall of text. I got lucky, and had it answered. The thread went on for two more pages with people discussing the FAQ answer.


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