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Thought I'd post this:

Hotel Shuttle Service

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Seattle Airport, WA - Hotel Entrance

"The shuttle leaves the hotel every 20 minutes from 4:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.; if you need a ride between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m., call 206-246-8600. Need a ride from the airport? Follow the 'courtesy vehicle' signs in baggage claim wait at island one or three. Our white DoubleTree shuttle displays a large #1 in the front window."

Grand Lodge

Thanks! Info I will be needing.

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If the weather at the time is pleasant enough and the load you’re carrying isn’t too cumbersome, the walk from the airport to the hotel is rather short and easy. In most cases, I believe walking will actually get you there quicker than the shuttle (when waiting for the shuttle is factored in, of course). I’ve made the walk several times and have enjoyed it, even while managing a shoulder bag and roller case. But the again, I like to walk.

We'll be arriving at 1:30am...would you suggest walking at this time?

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The way is well-lit and well-traveled. I’ve made the walk at a very late hour once, but I wasn’t alone. Not being a local, I don’t know if the area is considered a high crime risk. One side of the street is the airport, the other side are the hotels. As you get closer to the convention site, the airport side gives way to shops and restaurants. If you’re not walking alone, I’d make the walk; if you are alone, maybe a local can step in and advise?

Honestly I'd recommend the shuttle for anyone making their first trip to the hotel, just for confidence to know what you're looking for helps.

It is a very simple route (straight south of the airport, a bit less than 1 km). As for safety, it is a main thoroughfare, right next to an airport. Total of 19 violent crimes in the last 6 months along that route. That's 1 per 9 days, or 50/50 that there will be one during PaizoCon. Not hugely high, but middle of the night alone probably not the best way to min/max your risks. (For comparison a similar stretch of my nearest large street had 3 violent crimes in the past 6 months).

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no good scallywag wrote:
We'll be arriving at 1:30am...would you suggest walking at this time?

I strongly suggest not walking at that time. Chance of crime aside, drivers in that area are not looking for pedestrians at all. I was nearly hit a couple times on my way from the light rail last year—and that was earlier in the evening and wearing reflectors and lights.

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take the shuttle.

the main road is a highway thus rather busy. Rail and busses run along that route. Once PaizoCon starts the main intersection SW of the hotel will have significant foot traffic around lunch and dinner time (before/after gaming slots) slowing down the drivers.

The only odd planning is the elevators at the airport which are remote and require you walk back to the shuttle area.

If your room isn't ready on arrival or you are departing after check out, the hotel will hold your bags. There are several seating areas besides the lobby.
Gamers tend to gather at the dining area to the left of the main lobby. There's a small restaurant and concession/coffee area.

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