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I'm making an alchemist and it says that they write down what extracts they can make in a book that basically acts like a wizard's spellbook. But how does that work exactly?

They prepare spells like clerics and druids, but they learn spells like sorcerers and bards? And they can add spells without leveling?

Can someone help me out here?

The "Alchemy (Su)" ability really should have been trimmed down and split into multiple parts instead of being the full page craziness that it is.

Once you cut out all the excess explanation it's relatively straightforward, an alchemist is in most ways similar to a wizard.

- Both the wizard and the alchemist have books which they have to reference to prepare their magic.

-Both the wizard and alchemist start with a number of pages in those books filled in, and receive more for free as they level (2/level for the wizard, 1/level for the alchemist).

- Both the wizard and the alchemist can study other magical writings and copy the results into their books.

-Both the wizard and alchemist have to spend time preparing specific spells or extracts for later use (though the alchemist can prepare extracts much more quickly than the wizard can prepare spells).

- The major differences between the wizard and the alchemist is in the limitations of the alchemist's magic being self only (though certain alchemist discoveries and archetypes loosen that restriction).

Does that help?

That does help, thank you. I've never made a wizard before. Tried once, but I was too new to the game and my brain fried.

Ironically enough, I have made an alchemist before, but he was a gunchemist and I was focused on that part of the build and completely forgot he had spell like features.

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