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So the Lycanthropy curse from Horror Realms makes it that you cannot speak during combat but it doesn't prevent spellcasting:

Lycanthropy Curse wrote:
This ability works similarly to the tongues curse, but whenever you are in combat, you cannot speak at all. This does not interfere with spellcasting but does apply to spells that are language dependent.

The Lunar mystery's Form of the Beast revelation allows you to shapeshift as beast shape spells so it doesn't qualify for Nature Spell, and is therefore not great.

Would the Lycanthropy curse, which would be hugely thematic, allows you to cast spells while shifted?

Grand Lodge

Unfortunately by the rules, no. Still need a ring of eloquence.

That said, you could always take the Mantle of Moonlight revelation and be immune to your own curse, RAW.

It's not really relevant to the question at hand (to which the answer by the rules, yeah, you still need some other way of doing that), but it is kind of funny.

Syries wrote:
Unfortunately by the rules, no. Still need a ring of eloquence.

That'd be not too expansive. I guess you'd still be missing somatic components though...

Natural Spell wrote:
You can complete the verbal and somatic components of spells while using wild shape.

Grand Lodge

Ah, true, you would still need to cast spells that don’t require somatic components. As far as I can tell there isn’t a way for you to be polymorphed with that revelation and still be able to cast all your spells.

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