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When you take two different archetypes for the same class I understand you cant take one that effect the same ability. My question is what if you do not take enough levels in a given class to reach the replaced ability, does it still count against combinable archetypes?


Shadow Lodge

You can't stack archetypes if any of their abilities clash, even if you are only taking one level and the only clashing ability is the level 20 capstone...

As a side-note, you don't always have to choose your archetype straight away.

Let's say you're making a ROGUE and you want to try the BANDIT archetype. You don't actually have to commit to the archetype until you reach level four since it doesn't change any of your abilities in the first three levels.

If you wanted to take the ACROBAT archetype you'd have to decide that at level one, since it replaces trapfinding (which is usually gained at level one). You could even be an Acrobat and decide at level four to be a Bandit as well since these two archetypes stack.

Thank you kindly!

Silver Crusade

The answers above are absolutely correct RAW.

However, sometimes some GMs will allow some archetypes to stack if, in their opinion, it both makes thematic sense AND if the combination isn't too powerful.

So, if you're the player (and its not PFS) ask your GM :-)

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