Clergy of Pharasma's opinion on Dhampirs?


What is the overall opinion of the clergy of Pharasma on Dhampirs? Would a cleric of Pharasma rescue an infant Dhampir and raise it in one of Pharasma's temples/cathedrals to be priest or inquisitor of the goddess or would the cleric kill the Dhampir infant? Does it all depend on location or nation where the Dhampir is born? Any info on this would help.

One of the Pathfinder novels has this come up, as the protgonists are a Dhampir and a Pharasman priest. Per the novel this is a matter on which the church is divided as there are hardliners who will say "kill the thing immediately" but the mainline Ustalavic Pharasman church doesn't have a problem with them as a matter of dogma.

So a Dhampir raised in a Cathedral or Temple of Pharasma might encounter persecution or at the very least resentment at the hands of a few of his fellow clergy even though he becomes a full-fledged cleric or inquisitor? He might come to question his beliefs, be torn between serving his goddess and enduring treatment by the church's hardliners, or being a loner who is guarded due to not wanting to be hurt and doesn't make friends easily? This sounds like backstory gold! :D

Sounds like an Inquisitor or a war priest or a Oracle would be a more easy fit.

That way he isn’t constrained as much by hardline clergy members or members of his own community who are hardline.

I always think Oracles of a god who wouldn’t normally favour that person for whatever reason is a fun place to start a story. Honestly Oracles in general are such a nice place to start a backstory.

Grand Lodge

Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:
Honestly Oracles in general are such a nice place to start a backstory.

It's a big reason why they're my favorite class :)

From my understanding there is no official dogma regarding how the clergy of Pharasma should treat dhampirs. They are living creatures, after all, not undead. As others have said, there are likely those who wish them dead and those who hope to see dhampirs rise above their bloodline. IIRC there are some racial traits/feats/archetypes for dhampirs that give bonuses to fighting vampires, with flavor text along the lines of renouncing their heritage with physical acts. Public renouncement would likely see followers of Pharasma beginning to leave them alone, at least, if not outright praise them for doing so. But as a whole? probably treated as lower class citizens and persecuted.

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