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I created a character before discovering the familiar archetype options.

What would be the prestige cost for adding an archetype to a familiar, or is it even possible?

Scarab Sages

I know some retraining is allowed for familiar feats, but I'm not sure about adding an archetype. However, there is a somewhat cruel*, but effective way to accomplish what you want...

You can set your familiar free and pay the cost of acquiring a new one (200gp per character level). "Happy" the rabbit runs off to live out his days in the forest, and "Yappy" the Sage rabbit shows up a week later ready for adventure.

* What did you think I was going to suggest? There's a Union Rep for the Druids Local around somewhere...

EDIT: Or if your overall character level is still 1st level (or you've never played the character above 1st level), then you can just rebuild the Familiar for free.

Silver Crusade

Another possibility may be to retrain the character. Perhaps into a different class and back again, perhaps into an archetype and back again.

This is likely VERY cost ineffective but MAY work in some cases.

Dark Archive

The cheapest and most efficient way is to just dismiss the old one and pay the 200gp per level to get a new one.

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