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Vending Machine Table
Vending machine table. Things bought will persist.

01: Drinks. Takes silver piece. Gives bottle of Tea, chilled coffee, Pure water, or sparkling lemon lime drink.

02: Food. Takes silver piece. Gives 1 iron ration, chocolate bar, honey & trail mix bar, corn dodger, carrot sticks, or beef jerky.

03: Necessities. Takes one gold piece. Gives flask of oil, 10 tinder twigs, 4 candles, bar of soap, or one dose antitoxin.

04: Various spell components. Takes 1 gold piece. Gives mercury, gum Arabic, 3 colors of sand, rose petals, 1 cocoon, ect.

05: Herbs: Takes 1 silver. Gives sprig of belladonna, Mustard poultice, Garlic bulb, Powdered wolves bane, ect.

06: Oddities: Takes one platinum piece. Gives stone elder sign, 5 dose bottle of milk of amnesia, 1 dose sleep poison, ect.
Hook: The elder sign acts as a holy symbol to turn aberrations, effectively giving them the feats. It can be used to seal a door to The Far Realm. A Society against The Far Realm will try to recruit the holder of a sign. There are only 5 signs in the machine. The Milk of Amnesia will cure charm, fear, and most event based insanity.

7) Live animals. The 3 gold or change goes in the slot, a button is pushed, then a creature drops into the cage built into the lower part of the machine. 1-Bat, 2-Cat, 3-Hawk, 4-Lizard, 5-Monkey, 6-Owl, 7-rat, 8-raven, 9-viper, 10-toad, 11-weasel, or 12-Turtle.
Hook: This can be used to replace a lost familiar ending the drawbacks. The turtle is special for 2 reasons. 1-It’s a snapping turtle with a plus 2 bite and the ability to attach like a weasel. 2-I’s got DA 1/magic because it’s a baby Tarrasque that will slowly grow up at about the speed of a dragon. For added fun you could have the pictures on the buttons worn off so all choices are random. A Kitsune will probably select a rat and eat it. If the GM wants, they can substitute a tarantula(Giant spider brought down 2 size categories) for any one animal.

8) Claw machine full of stuffed toys

9)A gumball machine

10)One with jawbreakers

11)One with toys in clear plastic capsules. 1-plastic figure of an NPC, 2-plastic toy monster, 3-Tin and glass ring, 4-Figurine of wondrous power determined randomly, 5-Vaguely horse shaped black stone that gives it’s owner bad luck(-2 on all die rolls, AC, and CMD), 6-Plastic die(D4,6,8,10,12,or 20), 7-glass marble, 8-rune stone

12)One of those sticker dispensers

13)Babble fish dispenser(100 gold each)

14. Copper stretching machine
Inserting a copper piece and 5 sp worth of additional currency causes a crank to spring forth. Turning the crank causes the copper piece to become flattened and elongated into an oval shape. The crank also imprints a predetermined design, symbol, or set of letters. Commemorate your dungeon experience!

15. Magic beans
Roll on Goth Guru's Magic Beans result table.

16.Sandwich Dispenser
It's full of brown mold. You can see the brown mold through the glass.

17. Silver coin

Takes silver coin. Gives silver coin. Usually. May require a thump.

18.Change machine
There's a coin slot, a cash value readout, a return/result tray, and a column of buttons. 1-Ten copper for a silver, 2-10 silver for a gold, 3-10 gold for a platinum, 4-10 platinum for an adamantine coin, 5-1 adamantine coin for 10 platinum, 6-1 platinum for 10 gold, 7-1 gold for 10 silver, 8-1 silver for 10 copper, 9-Remaining amount on a credstick, 19-? for CHANGE. If the required currency isn't shown on the readout, the button will click and do nothing.

If you select CHANGE, the remaining GP value is purged and you get a shiny metal cube, wrapped in a paper with common instructions. Say "Change into {material} {shape}" near to the object named change and it will turn into that. Say change into change and it will change back. It can keep the form of an adamantine dagger for 1 combat before changing back. It can form a hardwood beam to support a room ceiling basicly forever. It can take temporary spells such as magic weapon but it sheds all such enchantments when it changes. As a miscellaneous magic item it's worth about 100,000, so the vending machine is a major bargain.

I see y'all are taking the Dungeons of Dredmor approach. I'll join in. Although I may not be as specific.

Handheld Weaponry Dispenser: allows you to spend gold for various throwing weapons ranging from daggers to javelins to Chakrams to Throwing Axes and others, they are guaranteed to be nonmagical but come at a great discount.
Crafty Crafts!: Takes money in exchange for various crafting parts at discounted prices.
Bolt Council Dispensery: All sorts of crossbow bolts from alchemical to magical, but all of which are Bolt Council approved!

19 is easy, as there are prices in the core rulebook. The GM can then determine the discount.

20 Crafty crafts can dispense kits for torches, arrows, and other such items at the rate of 10 for the price of 1. The quick setting clay for pots and lamps will have myriad other uses.

21 Bolt Council Dispensary: 5 gold for an acid, ice, flame, sonic, or shocking bolt? How much for 1 silver headed bolt?

Random bolt table
1-Ordinary bolt
2-Silvered headed bolt
3-Flame bolt(head lights the lamp oil in the shaft on impact)
4-Acid bolt(Glass head and glass lined shaft)
5-Tangle bolt(hits like a tanglefoot bag)
6-Metal bolt(always reusable)
7-Blessed bolt(Cold iron tip, 2 doses of holy water in shaft, kills rakshasas)
8-Lightning bolt(Does 1D10 ejectrical, 3D10 on a crit)
9-Suicide bolt(turns back and tries to hit shooter. If it hits fort save vs DC18 or die)
10-Spell bolt(Put any touch spell in this blunt bolt and fire it.)

If this gets any longer it will need it's own topic.

22. Commemorative Dungeon Cards
Placed halfway into a dungeon or facility. This device require 10 gp worth of currency and dispenses 3 random, baseball-card sized cardboard photos. On one side is a picture of the indicated creature and on the other side is a list of its common statistics, as though from a Bestiary entry. The creatures depicted will always be of a type found in that particular location, even if not currently there (such as a dragon's lair guarded by kobolds and an owlbear, but the owlbear and dragon are currently out hunting).
01-10– A specific 'visitor' card. This could be a PC or henchmen exploring the area but not a resident or normal creature lairing there. If none currently, default to a rare boss or creature. Familiars and similar companions are included with their masters. Animal companions that are sufficiently powerful to be significantly different from a 'normal' creature of their type (in HD, gear, feats, abilities, etc.) may have their own cards (with mention of their masters, if necessary).
11-20– A specific creature. This will be a specific creature, like a lieutenant, sub-boss, a chief or shaman.
21-80– A common or uncommon creature found in the area. Specific individuals will not be noted. It will be similar to a Bestiary entry, including listing commonly used equipment, though that may not be what the particular creatures in this location use or even the feats or skills they possess, only the 'average' creature statistics.
Note that you will never receive a generic humanoid or animal card (unless the animals are predominantly the sole creatures in the location). You won't receive a 'horse', 'mule', 'bat', or 'leech' card unless it is a specific creature (and that would not be with this roll). You may, however, receive special version of these common creatures, such as 'bat swarm' or 'leech swarm' if those are possible encounters. Similarly, you will not just get a 'goblin' it would be a 'goblin warrior' or 'elf adept'. Monstrous Humanoids, magical beasts, plane-touched or specially-altered or adapted creatures (like a shadow horse) are sufficiently special for this, (assuming they aren't unique enough to be in another category).
81-95– A lieutenant, sub-boss, specific magic item found in the dungeon (including common appearance).
96-00– A rare boss or special card, possibly a random deity's avatar's stats that aren't linked to the location.

Note that specific cards will include the creature's normal gear, even if they aren't wearing it at that exact time that the card is created (ie. if the goblin chief 'Hormak' normally uses a +2 Morningstar and wears +1 leather armor, it will note that, even if he's currently sleeping and not wearing it when the card is vended). Magical spells and effects, like mage armor or resist energy are never listed, nor are spell lists or spells known. Also note that it shows the creature's common appearance. So if it were currently disguised or invisible, it won't show its current appearance (unless that is a common, nearly constant disguise). An invisible stalker card will not show what one looks like, obviously. Also of note, strangely, is that these cards in no way count as having a likeness, image, or any additional special connection to the creature for purposes of magical effects or any other effects, for no known reason (and this fact isn't even really known that commonly).

The pictures, taken from the bestiary or such, can help you scry, but only on creatures that match the picture. Not the creature you want. Thus a goblin card will help you scry on a random goblin having a short sword, not a specific goblin owning a dogslicer. Even then they have a plus 8 willsave. This is also a GM call and may have no effect on scrying at all, because you are the GM.

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