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I'm currently running a semi-homebrew (tl;dr, takes place in the Golarion universe but not on Golarion) game for my friends and I have been using mood-setting and battle music.

I generally have been using music from video game or movie soundtracks, with some Nox Arcana or Midnight Syndicate thrown in when needed.

For my next session my players are going to be infiltrating what essentially is a a Kyton-run medical library, and I am drawing a blank on good music. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd prefer something I can play in the background without it overwhelming the session.

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The Hellraiser soundtrack is on-theme for Kytons. But I'd also recommend almost any dark ambient stuff from artists like INADE, Lustmord, or pretty much any of Cryo Chamber's stable of artists.

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Check out Antti Martikainen, you can find his stuff on youtube or on his website. He calls it "epic soundtrack music mixed with ethnic, folk, medieval, electronic and metal elements."

How familiar are your players with video game music? There are some good selections from popular games that might fit the bill. For instance, Final Fantasy IX and X have some more contemplative slow pieces that could work, but if your players are avid gamers, recognizing where music comes from can disrupt the immersion. Likewise, Martin O'Donnel's work on Halo 2 and 3 has some nice slower pieces that could serve well for the ambience of a library.

(I also use a lot of video game music as backdrops while playing -- often changing the sample rate in something like CoolEdit in order to slow the piece down and change its octave to make it a little less recognizable.)

You might be able to find some things in the hundreds and hundreds of songs from 2 Steps From Hell's catalog.

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