What CRPG Content Do You Want Added to the 10th Anniversary Hardcover?


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As example of changes I didn't like: I didn't like CRPG making characters who were leadership candidates in AP a minor npcs you couldn't recruit. Like we in AP recruited both Akiros and Old Beldame while Akiros in CRPG disappears and The Old Beldame is limited to expanded swamp hut area.

Seerow wrote:
3) The region based kingdom management. Especially if you're making this as a PF2 product and have a chance to redesign from the ground up, claiming and upgrading hex by hex turns kingdom management into a spreadsheet simulator. Instead of claiming 50 hexes 1 at a time for 1 bp each I'd rather see claiming a region for 50bp. The CRPG's...

Quoted only part of the post, because I really agree with this, but had been thinking that this would be a great way to incorporate a form of feudalism. Basically, in order to 'claim' an additional region, you appoint a character or NPC as the 'duke' of that region, pay 50 BP plus any other requirements, and then give the new duke/duchess their own treasury with which to build up that region. That way, if some players really like the kingdom management, they can become lords of their own land, owing fealty (and taxes) to the primary ruler, and can then manage those lands however they like, rather than needing consensus from the party. And, since most players should be familiar with Game of Thrones, they'll be aware that having their own lands and castle far to the north doesn't mean they can't still be Hand of the King...

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On side of stuff I did find cool, I did find unlockable or more setting lore specific buildings cool idea

Newer to the forums here but for things I would love to see

1) Rules for implementing the same/similar end game arc from the CRPG
2) Rules on Tartuccio/Tartuk and how to work him around in the AP
3) The opening to the game in the Swordlord's manor
4) Expansion on Mite/Kobold relations
5) A number of the maps found in the game with the more unique encounters on them
6) And lastly more details on the "Brevoy Situation" and how to RP that out

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So we are progressing book 5 and I'm really weirded out by lot of changes in CRPG version to book 5 O_o; I mean I get that parts of it is because they didn't have war mechanics in CRPG, but still, there are lot of big plot chanegs for some reason

Some of the things I liked about the computer game version: better introduction of Nyrissa, greater variety of magic items (I liked the Storyteller npc who could forge remains of ancient magic items to restore the item, larger variety of available npcs to fulfill leadership roles, the artisans and their quests (this can replace the random magic item slots per district portion of the Kingdom turn), the Tenebrous Depths (a devious DM could just use the Rappa Athuk dungeon for this idea), the concept of completing projects and curse researches that granted benefits to the kingdom as a whole, and the relationships that can build into a romance option.

What I loathed about the computer game version: the absurd amount of time investment to increase the ranking of the npcs who fulfill a leadership role, how expensive everything was (in terms of BP) compared to how little BP you earn (without buying BP) for much of the total gameplay time (I had to buy BP a lot - it was where 85% of the loot I earned went to), and some of the "puzzles" in the game.


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Huh, just encountering(and getting our asses kicked) by The Horned Hunter ._. I didn't realize he was also from AP because of how CRPG changed his real identity. I do have to say that would have been good way to trick AP players first, but I do hope that if they change Nyrissa's story to focus on Lantern King instead of all Eldest that they give him another cover identity since I always dislike erasing npcs completely in updates :'D

I'm kinda too obsessed with accuracy I think x-x; I don't even mind changes in adaptions, but changes storywise in updates seems weird to me

Is there any new info on this as its something I would seriously pay money for particularly the 1ed products.



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So another thing in hindsight(we are in final dungeon of the AP currently): the Nyrissa showing up to help party early on is actually good idea in CRPG.

Like the AP Nyrissa wants to steal Stolen Lands, put it in bottle and present it to the Eldest as a gift, so if Nyrissa spent five first books on helping Kingdom grow as magnificent as possible before turning out to be hidden villain in final book(like if party leaves to Brevoy for impotant meeting and then she bottles the kingdom forcing them to find a way to enter first world or the bottled kingdom) that would have been super cool plot hook and also foreshadow her better while doing hidden villain thing much better :O

I want Nyrissa to be foreshadowed better in Hardcover update, but its better not be super obvious she is main villain before the final book

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CorvusMask wrote:
I want Nyrissa to be foreshadowed better in Hardcover update, but its better not be super obvious she is main villain before the final book

That's actually one of my main criticisms of the CRPG in terms of storytelling: It is outright revealed that Nyrissa is the big bad very early on.

For my suggestion it would be the artifact crafting with the fractured relics and the storyteller. Also is there any new information on completion and release as I know it will take time but any news will be awesome.


I echo existing sentiments but here goes:

- Foreshadow Nyrissa more. Perhaps even enable the "save her" option (with then Lantern King, Choral released being the last boss).

- More interactions with Sootscale for sure. In my campaign they are actually a vassal kingdom, much to shock and annoyance of surrounding nation. Players gave chieftain some historical books and now he models himself after a Keleshite satrap :D

- Tartuccio.

- More small encounters to map or at least a large selection of "use these on map where ever you want" encounters with either interesting monster or small, mysterious locations (= Candlemere without will'o'wisps).

- Something to show that the barriers between the world are faint over here. I had it happen in Candlemere where it became possible to enter first world on a limited scale.

- Small settlements in map, if nothing but few dozen people hunkering down by Lake Silverstep or refugees living between border of Mivon & Pitax.

- Borders. PC's likely an an interest to keep going across the map so expand it slightly to show Mivon and then have there be some border fort/settlement clearly indicating "This far and no farther".

- Some side event between parts 1 & 2 where groups go back to Restov and get congratulations of their achievements. Enables PC's to meet Maegar and Drelev properly.

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Is this particular thread still relevant enough to be pinned to the top of the sub-forum list (i.e., get "sticky" status)?

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