what kind of outsiders would have served Aroden?

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I'm putting together a module with Aroden as the background and I need a mid-high level CR to serve as a former representative of Aroden. It could have at one point been a herald of Aroden, but just as likely an outsider. I know Aroden was LN and dwelt on Axis for a time, and we all know about his two heralds but anything more specific seems not to be forthcoming.

So does anyone have suggestions for a servitor / representative for Aroden? Thanks in advance!

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Mercanes. I know, you'd think Abadar would have had them on lock, but it turns out that when you're the last Azlanti, you need a bunch of servitors who can hook you up with magical goodies (and who you can pay or reward with your fallout shelter vaults full of experimental ioun stones).

Further evidence:
1) Mercanes live on Axis, as did Aroden.
2) Aroden's clergy wear headwear that makes them look more like mercanes.

3) The weird magical symbol this mercane is holding is obviously a variation on Aroden's holy symbol.

They're only CR 5, but that's because they lost their destiny and innovation related powers when the big guy died. Most of them compensate with levels in wizard (diviner) these days.

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Maybe axiomites, edict dragons, and certain inevitables like impariuts (AP 131)?

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An idea I had some years back for a servitor race of Aroden, living still in Axis (and now serving Abadar, instead).

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