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Tired of dodging Endgame and GoT spoilers? Distract yourself with some amazing new sci-fi stuff from Legendary Games and more!

- Brand new STAR RELATIONSHIPS by Matt Daley and Mark Seifter brings a concise yet richly detailed system for building lasting and immersive PC-NPC relationships in Starfinder, plus sample NPCs! What will you find inside its pages? I'm glad you asked!

Star Relationships brings you a richly developed system for building relationships in your Starfinder Roleplaying Game campaign! It provides a meaningful progression and story for the significant NPCs your PCs might encounter in the course of their adventures, building romances and rivalries, alliances and affinities, and more! Set up secrets to uncover as the relationship progresses and hurdles for the PC and the NPC to overcome together. Unlike other relationship systems that bottleneck on specific social skills, Star Relationships allows characters of every kind to nurture and grow their relationships with the significant characters they meet at their own pace!

Star Relationships contains not only the core relationship rules for making these kinds of interactions between PCs and NPCs a rich and vibrant part of your campaign, but also a set of iconic sample NPC roles with detailed relationship builds to show off the possibilities of the rules. Make first contact with the Estranged Inhuman, show the Noble Heir a grand tour of the galaxy, or be on your guard with the volatile Zealous Renegade! You’ll find an awesome array of options for making your Starfinder Roleplaying Game campaign deeper and more engaging for you and your players, so open a hailing frequency and start making some Star Relationships!

- Lou Agresta and Rone Barton's magnificent new sci-fi horror setting GRIMMERSPACE is coming your way soon, and there's a FREE 90-PAGE ADVENTURE, Abbatoir 8 you can get RIGHT NOW!

Check them all out here and have a Legendary week!

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