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I've asked a question like this before, but I am always looking for additional feedback on this idea, and for others to see this if they haven't.

The main idea is an alchemist in the group, (or just buying pieces in town) makes a set of 2 bandoliers for each person in the group with a lot of little things to negate or reduce a lot of regular dangers you might come across.

If anyone has other suggestions, please provide them. Of important note: This is stuff you need to have readily available at a momment's notice, so while Curative Myrrh and bandages of rapid recovery are a nice addition, they would go in a pack, not in the 16 slotted spots.

Jak's Attack Pack (Jak is the name of my alchemist)
2x Bandoliers 1GP -lb

Pouch 1 – Air Crystals – 50GP -lb
Standard action to place and start, free action to keep going. 1 min duration. Speaking negates duration.
Air crystals give you fresh air to avoid inhaled poisons, drowning, and nauseating gas effects.
Pouch 2 – Ambrosia – 100GP -lb
+2 saves vs negative energy, energy drain, Death effects 1 hour. Include negative levels.
Good pre-game to fight things you know gives negative levels.
Pouch 3 – Antiemetic Snuff – 50GP -lb
1 hour, if effect would give you nauseated, roll twice and take the better result.
A pre-game for the noted effect.
Pouch 4 – Antiplague – 50GP -lb
+5 fort saves vs disease 1 hour, if already infected, 2 rolls at end day, take better result.
Antiplague and toxin are both great, stacking bonuses to whatever else you may have going as alchemical bonuses.
Pouch 5 – Antitoxin – 50GP -lb
+5 fort saves vs poison 1 hour.
Antiplague and toxin are both great, stacking bonuses to whatever else you may have going as alchemical bonuses.

Pouch 6 – Bladeguard – 40GP -lb
Apply as full round 1 2-hand, 2 1hand/light, 50 ammo, immune to rust/oozes 24 hours.
A lenient GM might even let this extend to straight acid damage, and is a nice thing to have either way.
Pouch 7 – Stillgut – 50GP -lb
+5 fort vs nausea/sickened 1 hour, if nauseated, can take as a move to receive 2nd save.
For if your Antiemetic snuff fails, or you are surprised. You are only allowed a move action while nauseated, so this can get you back in the game.
Pouch 8 – Smelling salts – 25GP -lb
1 save vs spell/effect unconscious/staggered, while dying, awake and staggered, if taking standard, -1HP and lose consciousness again.
REALLY good to get your healer back up on their feet to heal themselves/the group.
Pouch 9 – Soul Stimulant – 300GP -lb
-1 negative level for 12 hours.
This could be a life saver if you are unlucky enough to acquire several negative levels, or to boost you up near end of a dungeon where you got negative levels for the boss fight.
Pouch 10 – Twitch Tonic – 45GP -lb
+2 saves vs sleep, paralysis, staggered for 1 hour. If already under effects, +1 save with bonus only once per day. Can administer to another as full-round.
Another great one to use pre-game against an enchanter, or to get the barbarian un-sleep'd.

Pouch 11 – Vermin Repellant – 5GP -lb
Swarms smaller then small-size DC 15 fort save to enter square, though all vermin swarms prefer targets NOT coated. 4 hour duration, Creatures with scent can detect from long ranges.
So this is one of those things that is useless until you need it. Then you NEED it. Just be careful, as if you don't leave someone NON coated, they will just resort to usual tactics, instead of forcing them to target the person/people of your choice.
Pouch 12 – Potion of heightened Awareness 10min +2 perception/knowledges, dismiss +4 Init 50GP
The duration is great as an extract, and acceptable(if short) for a scout or pregame. Everyone can benefit from knowledge checks before expending it for the initiative bonus.
Pouch 13 – Potion of Cure wounds +1d8+1 50GP
This can be upgraded for better potions as they become available, but these are typically your fecal matter has hit the oscillating instrument emergency items.
Pouch 14 – Potion of Spiderclimb 10min +20ft climb speed other climbing bonuses, 300GP
Good if the wizard gets dropped into a pit spell, or if you need to climb that sheer, no footholds cliff or castle wall.
Pouch 15 – Potion of Invisibility 1 minute invisibility 300GP
Scouting got made easier, or escape.

Pouch 16 -
4 iron Vials 1sp 1lb each

Total cost pre-potions: 766GP
Total cost: 1466GP 4SP

Total cost to make pre-potions: 256GP
Total cost to make: 606GP 4SP

Total Weight: 4lb

Iron vials are for the four potions at the end, so shatter/fall damage/acid/detonate etc is less of an issue. Last pouch is open for personal preference items, like Barbarian's might like Rager's aid or another potion of Cure Light Wounds, possibly an alchemist fire flask, or an impact foam.

And the four potions at the end, especially more expensive potions can ALWAYS benefit from Alchemical allocation if you can get an alchemist or buy lots of those potions.

I can't remember what theyre called right now.. Impact Foam maybe?
But there is an aldchemical item that you can throw while falling, or throw under someone falling, that will reduce fall damage.

And, well personally I've used it to clog up a monster's mouth for a round. but that was GM allowances.

but I got a lot of usage out of those, and air crystals.

Zwordsman wrote:

I can't remember what theyre called right now.. Impact Foam maybe?

But there is an aldchemical item that you can throw while falling, or throw under someone falling, that will reduce fall damage.

And, well personally I've used it to clog up a monster's mouth for a round. but that was GM allowances.

but I got a lot of usage out of those, and air crystals.

Yeah, That's impact foam.

Any other feedback?

Sovereign Court

A few other items:
Alchemical Grease for anti-grapple
Potion of Touch of the Sea for swimming
Some Acid flasks for swarms
Mellowroot for anti-fear
Armor Ointment to reduce ACP
Meditation Tea to reroll mind affecting
and Blood-boiling Pill for bonus initiative

I like keeping Touch of the Sea potions in Alchemic sponges, so you can imbibe while underwater.

I would add:
-Candlerod: 1gp for enough light to read a scroll by, without adding too much light for enemies to find you by. Can be lit as a standard action. 12hr, 1lb. cant be anti-magicked or doused
-Sunrod: 2gp for a torch for 6hrs that can come on as a standard action and cant be anti-magicked or doused.
-Holy Water: 25gp to combat incorporeal undead, or DR resistant foes.
-Snapleaf: 750gp, but gives you invisibility and emergency featherfall. Can be pinned to the kit.
Shard Gel: Emergency caltrops if you need to fall back or slow down an escaping foe.
-Tindertwig: 1d2 rounds of light and ignition for lighting a torch or oil. Could probably just be in a pocket instead of taking up a slot.
-Powder: Early game item made from crushed chalk, help reveal a square with an invisible creature in it, use it to aid in climbing, etc. Can be replaced very quickly though.

Splash weapon: Something to combat swarms and regeneration, Acid, Alchemist fire, etc. Even one can make the difference between life and death in the right circumstances (get them off the wizard enough for them to AOE spell the rest). Acid is my favorite for having multiple uses (melt locks, stop some regeneration's, power component for the wizard, fewer resistant foes), and is cheap.

Bonus: Masterwork Brass Dagger. It is immune to all corrosion and lacks the fragile condition. Excellent thematic alchemists backup weapon as copper instruments were frequently used when working with the mild acids of medieval alchemy.

Sovereign Court

Candlerod/Sunrod are non-magical, so any Darkness spell suppresses it. But, can't be Dispelled if that's what you mean about "can't be anti-magicked".
Shard Gel vs Caltrops... there are advantages for each. If you have time to prep a defensive location regular caltrops are better, but in the heat of battle Shard Gel is likely more useful. If you have time to prep a defense, Bear Traps are heavy, but really cheap and effective at low levels.

Firebug wrote:

Candlerod/Sunrod are non-magical, so any Darkness spell suppresses it. But, can't be Dispelled if that's what you mean about "can't be anti-magicked".

Shard Gel vs Caltrops... there are advantages for each. If you have time to prep a defensive location regular caltrops are better, but in the heat of battle Shard Gel is likely more useful. If you have time to prep a defense, Bear Traps are heavy, but really cheap and effective at low levels.

I mean they can be used inside antimagic fields, underwater, and can not be dispelled with the dispel effect. Darkness is still a threat, but so is the light cantrip so its a wash there. I think they are fantastic "oh no" gear, as a lot of parties rely soley on light cantrips and never bother with torches.

For a longer set up time, caltrops are better for their duration and cost. For a quick access bandolier kit I think shard gel is more relevant. They have the advantage of being able to be thrown, which is nice.

We have used bear traps in the past, but the weight, need for a solid anchor and long set up makes them just not as useful in all settings. Plus my mad bomber alchemist usually had low STR, so weight is generally a concern. Mr.Hyde builds may differ. They are very effective at low levels though (especially against the party!).

Your rogue might appreciate you having some smoke pellets on you as well. Throw it at their feet to grant them concealment to stealth from to set up a sneak attack.

Surprised no one has mentioned Tanglefoot bags, GM's hate em, players hate to get hit by them. Might fall more in the everyday use item than in the special tool kit though.

There was a fantastically elaborate version of this for D&D 3.5 which I saw on giantitp once. Called something like Zax's packs? If anyone can find it there'd likely be ideas you could use.

Potions of 2nd level spells may be expensive, but placebo effect is one potion to (temporarily) cure a wide variety of conditions.

A potion of vanish made at CL 3 is half the price of a potion of invisibility and may be enough to escape. Either is insufficient for scouting IMO.

Well, this is useful as &*^%. Thank you Kiba Kurokage.

Ryze Kuja wrote:
Well, this is useful as &*^%. Thank you Kiba Kurokage.

No problem at all! I like sharing some of this with people, because alchemy is such an underrated and underused part of the game, and stacks with just about everything because bonuses it gives are “alchemical” so it stacks with anything else you might have going on, and depending on game, it’s really easy to grab a bunch of this.

Though candlerods and sunrods are a good mention, they wouldn’t go into the pack because the pack is more focused on immediate quick action. “You start combat, and your knowledge check tells you this thing has a DEADLY poison.” “Well, we spend round 1 downing antitoxin.” Kind of deal. Though those items would certainly go in a bag. And could even maybe be justified by having in a handy haversack, or other QuickDraw device like the spring loaded wrist sheaths.

I want to show this to the guy running the Investigator in my one game. We've just made it to 8th level and we often have encounters in the wilderness so swarms happen often. He's complained that having such a high Craft: Alchemy skill is "uselsess" outside of being able to deal with the swarms, so in frustration he took a level of Wizard.

I have to constantly remind him:

1. you have a magic bag that holds nearly an entire alchemy lab inside of it

2. There's rarely an adventuring day that doesn't offer a fair amount of Downtime, even if it's just a few hours during travel and before sleeping for the night.

3. With the crazy-high Craft: Alchemy skill bonus he has, he could be making some of the cheaper alchemical stuff in a matter of hours instead of days. I think I figured once during level 7 that he could roughly craft 1 unit of anything with a DC 20 Craft check costing 10 GP or less every day, no matter where he was in the world

Even at this high level the Druid PC is still using the Light spell and no one's ponied up for a permanent light source. I don't use a lot of Darkness spell using villains but the Druid still gets frustrated that they and the other half-elf with Low Light are solely dependent on her Light.

I facepalm. Investigator 7 = 5 Sunrods/day!

Craft: Alchemy plus a fully stocked traveling Alchemy Lab and GM willing to say "erase the GP for crafting costs; your PC just happened to have the ingredients to make 'X' in their bag of holding" means that his Investigator has the ability to craft minor alchemical stuff ALL the time. It is not useless as these packs can attest. Thanks Special K (squared)!

Mark Hoover 330 wrote:
Thanks Special K (squared)!

No problem at all! You can also show him some really fun items, like perfect ice. A 1500GP item you can make for 500GP and does 4d6 cold damage per round for 10 minutes in a 60ft radius, and coats every semi flat surface with icicles treating the area as if covered in caltrops. Toss one in the bosses room and bolt the door shut. Assuming no healing or cold resistance, between 400-2,400 cold damage for this one item(200 if they make every save at min damage, and 3,600 if they take max damage, fail saves, and a water subtype), to everything unfortunate enough to be stuck in it.

Or just show him “master alchemist” as a feat. +2 to craft alchemy, and treat an items GP value as it’s SP for crafting, basically giving you 10x crafting speed. You can turn around and sell items at a competitive rate, undercutting usual prices and still make profit because crafting is 1/3 cost for alchemy items, (as apposed to 1/2 for magical) and make other cool non magical items for suppose or combat, like liquid blades, spirit bane spikes, and adding a hybridization funnel(200GP magic item that combines two alchemical weapons) you can get a good mileage from alchemists fires and acid flasks, or ghast retch flasks... the list goes on and on and on.

I cannot overstate how useful alchemy is.

It’s also worth mentioning that this setup typically uses 2 spring loaded wrist sheaths for swift action recovery of two important items of your choice. I mainly wanted the setup standardized though, so there is no, “I check through his bandolier for his cure potion” and instead, “all cure potions are in pouch 15” so you can use their own potions for them if they go down without spending extra time searching for them.

Would anyone else have suggestions, ideas, or comments?

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I do a similar 'every character kit' system that I use for Pathfinder Society games, where I have a standard list of items I feel are appropriate for every single 1st level character I create.

Whilst it might not be exactly what you're thinking, perhaps you might find it useful for your purposes.

Adventuring Equipment

Sack of Powder - 1 cp (1/2 lbs) [Ultimate Equipment]
Invisible enemies at low levels suck. This is a ranged AC 5 attack that outlines them for a mere copper piece.

Chalk - 1 cp (0 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
A cheap way to keep track of your movement in a dungeon, leave messages to others, or draw pretty pictures on walls.

Torch - 1 cp (1 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
You'd be surprised how often an open flame is handy. This also gives you a last-ditch effort weapon for swarms, even if it's only 1 point of damage per hit.

Earplugs - 3 cp (0 lbs) [Ultimate Equipment]
You get a +2 circumstance bonus to language-dependant spells or abilities whilst wearing these. Useful against enemies that you know will use enchantments, and incredibly cheap for their bonus.

4 Candles - 4 cp (0 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Again, having an open flame handy is more useful than you'd expect.

Inkpen - 1 sp (0 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Don't be an illiterate barbarian. Seriously, even barbarians should carry one of these and be ready to write down important information in character.

3 Oil Flasks - 3 sp (3 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Grease a flight of stairs. Add a fuse and throw it at a swarm. Rub it on yourself to slip out of a tight spot. In a pinch you could also light a lantern with it, I suppose.

Waterproof Bag - 5 sp (1/2 lbs) [Ultimate Equipment]
Five times the cost of a regular sack, but temporarily protects your gear from water damage. Remember to keep your sack of powder, torch and other water sensitive items in this.

Wooden Holy Symbol - 1 gp (0 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
A great litmus test to determine if the NPC is a vampire. Present this strongly at them and see if they recoil.

Grappling Hook - 1 gp (4 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Weighty, but handy to get your rope where it needs to be.

Potion Sponge - 2 gp (0 lbs) [Advanced Race Guide]
Keep one of these loaded with your go-to underwater combat potion and you'll never need to worry about putting ranks into Swim.

Spring-Loaded Wrist Sheath - 5 gp (1 lb) [Adventurer's Armory]
At lower levels keep a dagger handy. At higher levels keep a wand inside. Plus it's just plain cool.

Ink, 1 oz. vial - 8 gp (0 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
For your inkpen, obviously.

Journal - 10 gp (1 lbs) [Ultimate Equipment]
Always keep notes. Write down names of important NPCs, goals for the quest, riddles encountered, copies of maps, everything. Then you get to freely ask the GM to repeat themselves by simply saying "I wrote that down in character, so I check my journal."

50 ft. Silk Rope - 10 gp (5 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Lighter but more expensive than hemp. Worth the cost to keep your weight down. Also great if your character is into kinky stuff. Never leave home without rope!

Smoked Goggles - 10 gp (0 lbs) [Ultimate Equipment]
Makes you all but immune to gaze weapons, plus you can wear your sunglasses at night.

Pathfinder's Kit - 12 gp (22 lbs) [Ultimate Equipment]
I prefer this kit over many others. You've got your obligatory hobo items like a backpack, bedroll, waterskin, flint and steel and rations, but doesn't load you up on torches and an iron pot like many class kits. You get a signal whistle for when you're in trouble because you split the party since it seemed like a good idea at the time. You get a whetstone for an extra +1 damage on your first hit with a bladed weapon. You get a dagger to put in your spring-loaded wrist sheath.

Total: 60 gp (38 lbs) - Leave your rations and bedroll at camp or on a mount to take 12 lbs off this total


Alchemical Silver Cestus - 25 gp (1 lbs) [Ultimate Equipment]
Your always-on melee threat item. Superior to a spiked gauntlet in pretty much every way. Make sure you do bludgeoning damage, as the piercing would suffer -1 damage penalty due to the material. A cheap means to bypass DR/silver too, if you're in a pinch.

Cold Iron Kunai - 4 gp (2 lbs) [Ranged Tactics Toolbox]
This one serves triple duty as a backup thrown weapon, a DR breaker for fey, demons and the like, plus the item text specifically calls out it can be used as a crowbar or piton without risk of damaging the weapon.

Total: 29 gp (3 lbs)


Guard Dog - 25 gp [PRPG Core Rulebook]
It's a move action and DC 10 Handle Animal check to command your guard dog to defend you. You don't even need to be trained in the skill for this usage. Simply take 10 on this skill out of combat, or take 20 if you're exceptionally uncharismatic. Having an extra pool of hit points for this cost is great value for money.

Total: 25 gp

Alchemical Items

Tindertwig - 1 gp (0 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
For when you need a fire RFN.

2 Sunrods - 4 gp (2 lb) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Light and vision is king. Unless your whole party has darkvision, carry a few of these and don't be stingy about using them.

Vermin Repellent - 5 gp (0 lbs) [Ultimate Equipment]
Swarms suck at low levels. Vermin repellent isn't perfect, but it might just be enough to convince a swarm to go chew on someone else instead. Worth the cost.

Smokestick - 20 gp (1/2 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Blocks line of sight, but the rules are sketchy about whether you need to light it on fire first or if it self-activates as part of the use. If your GM is finicky about the activation, glue a tindertwig on it and call it a day. It's a handy item that can buy you total concealment against ranged attacks.

Smelling Salts - 25 gp (0 lbs) [Ultimate Equipment]
Okay, you beat the bad guys, but where do you go next? Easy, just grab one that hasn't bled out, stabilize him and then use smelling salts. Intimidate him for information about the bad guy's plans. Does your check fail? Kill him and try the next one. Also a really handy item to have in case the party healer is knocked out.

Holy Water - 25 gp (1 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Okay, it's not really an alchemical item, but it's close enough. It's also a decent way to contribute damage against both undead or evil outsiders, especially if they've got some kind of exotic damage reduction you don't have anything to bypass.

Smog Specialty Smoke Pellet - 40 gp (0 lbs) [Dungeoneer's Handbook]
Remember how much invisibility sucks? This is the sack of flour's big brother. Negate a creature's invisibility for 1d4 rounds if you throw it into their square.

Tanglefoot Bag - 50 gp (4 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Entangled, no save, 2d4 rounds. All you gotta do is hit them with it. Can be a lifesaver at low levels against bosses.

Air Crystals - 50 gp (0 lbs) [Pathfinder Society Field Guide]
Underwater combat sucks, but a bag of these can save your character if they're able to get them out in time. Just make sure you have them in your mouth before you get grappled by the kraken.

Total: 220 gp (7.5 lbs)


Potion of Touch of the Sea - 50 gp (0 lbs) [Advanced Player's Guide]
Never worry about water again. Get a 30 ft. swim speed for 1 minute. Keep this in your potion sponge.

Potion of Feather Step - 50 gp (0 lbs) [Advanced Player's Guide]
Difficult terrain can ruin your day. This lets you ignore that for 10 minutes.

Potion of Remove Sickness - 50 gp (0 lbs) [Ultimate Magic]
The bonus to saves isn't nearly as good as the ability to negate the sickened condition for 10 minutes. There's many creatures that can inflict this status, so a counter is always handy to have as a backup.

Potion of Protection from Evil - 50 gp (0 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Typically the most common enemy type you'll face, and this one has a bunch of benefits. Deflection and resistance bonuses, prevention of mental domination, and that sweet protection from summoned creatures can shut a summoner down cold.

Total: 200 gp (0 lbs)


As a random sidenote. Not "alchemist" persay My alchemist was also a cook though so I'm biased.

Flour is good to have. You can make food out of it, it keeps. If you need to you can throw and smash it to help with invisible monsters.
or I guess if you're GM is feeling froggy. saturation powder burn.

Probably not in the bandolier but I've combo'd with another player with me throwing flour above us, and them smacking it to coat the area.

I'm a big fan of Troll Oil. Having the ability to auto-stabilize during a fight can really come in handy in a pinch, especially if the playing field gets spread out.

YlothofMerab wrote:
I'm a big fan of Troll Oil. Having the ability to auto-stabilize during a fight can really come in handy in a pinch, especially if the playing field gets spread out.

The duration of troll oil is nice, and if you don’t keep your group together for heals(or you don’t have a healer), I can see that being rather valuable.

On an alchemist with Healing bombs and grenadier archetype. I used to have a handxbow that did nonlethal damage that he only carried to shoot allies at a distance with. Was amusing

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