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In the description for the Master of Many Styles Monk, under the bonus feat section, it says that they do not need to meet the pre-requisites of the feat, except the Elemental Fist Feat. Does this mean that a Many Styles Monk has to have a BAB of +8 before taking the feat or just that they can ignore the requirements of Elemental Fist, and then subsequently take the style feats that rely on Elemental Fist without their BAB? I'm only asking because the wording in Ultimate Combat is a little confusing on whether the need of requirements applies to the requirements of Elemental Fist or to Elemental Fist AS a requirement.

The wording is rather unclear, but the only thing that makes sense is that you get to ignore prereqs for both Elemental Fist (EF) and style feats, except that for style feats with EF as a prereq, you need to have the EF feat.
In other words, you can select EF as your first level bonus feat, and e.g. Marid Style as your 2nd level bonus feat.

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