Veranthea Print Bundle - The most radical Pathfinder campaign setting around!

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For $106 and shipping you can add 8 hardcover and softcover books with almost 1,000 printed pages inside thoroughly detailing the multitude of Veranthea. Plus their PDFs!


GRETHADNIS - Filled with fantasy realms experiencing a renaissance as malevolent armies mobilize on each side of the continent. Sword and sorcery is the word of the day, but steampunk inventors are beginning to emerge.

URETHIEL - Magic is inherently a part of every day life, tradition is sacrosanct, and the controlling Grand Dynasties engage in constant intrigue—both courtly and economic. Wuxia and high fantasy are the prevalent themes here.

TRECTOYRI - Isolated and abandoned, this continent is ruled over by Monstrous Folk from the toxic metropolis of Goblinvania. Their technology is unparalleled, they've driven dragons aground or into slavery, and dwarves, elves, and humans only know freedom on the fiercely defended island of Ominara. Dieselpunk, noir, and bizarre campaigns find a good home on Trectoyri.

THE FOREVER DARK - The crossroads between the continents (divided by raging oceans) is half lawless Wild West and half Call of Cthulu where life is short, violent, and chaotic.

THE VEIL - Robots disguised as pirates: check. Maritime tesseract: check. New alien race: check. Gigantic fish that eats you slowly while giving you The Matrix treatment: check. Seafaring adventure and sci-fi suprises await!

THE FIFTH WORLD - The Trekth may have disappeared but not all of their servants are gone. Massive cities populated by crustacean automatons wander the floor of Veranthea’s oceans, any knowledge of their purpose lost to time.

RADICAL PANTHEON - The most original set of Pathfinder gods you'll find outside of Paizo! With several pages devoted to all 18 deities including player options, church doctrine, clergy NPCs, tenets, beliefs, and more.

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