Level one sorcerer.

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Making a linnorm bloodline Sorcerer. Trying to decide between: magical lineage (shocking grasp) + reach spell + shocking grasp ...or... magical lineage (magic missle) + magic missle + toppling spell ...or... magical lineage (fireball) and wait to metamagic when I get fireball. Thoughts?

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My kids changed where I was posting... This was not supposed to be in the playtest forums.

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I realize there are is Linnorm content in Ultimate Magic, as well as third-party Wayfinder content. Just flag again if you're not using the third party content version.

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Neither the 3PP nor Paizo version offers any real abilities that are relevant to this build, so it's actually not a significant consideration regardless of which one he means.

All three of these approaches are tenable. Although I can understand the attraction of picking a 1st level spell so you can start using metamagic early, I'd personally lean towards the fireball route. Tripping is inconsistent since there are a lot of situations you can't do it (even moreso that fire resistance), and the fact that you absolutely need to use reach metamagic to make shocking grasp work is a big issue at low levels. The Spell Specialization feat will help tide you over until you get metamagic-boosted fireballs.

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