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I have not seen anything in the guild guide that says a tracking sheet is necessary for tracking a person's inventory. However I do believe that tracking inventory can make keeping track of one's credits and budget a lot easier. However there is no official starfinder tracking sheet. Has there been any talks about making one? I suppose the Pathfinder tracking sheet would be a semi-decent stand in but I feel that I would like a starfinder branded tracking sheet that better matches the unique situation of starfinder and how items in starfinder work. For instance on the Pathfinder tracking sheet for consumable items it has 5 groups of 10 boxes. this is fine for arrows which come in groups of 20 or wands which come with 50 charges, but what about all the different guns in starfinder?


Somebody had posted a Starfinder Society tracking sheet a while back. While they are not necessary, I use them and it makes my life easier especially with dealing with selling back old equipment.

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I just use an excel sheet that I whipped together to give me something to write on. I don't do any math on it, basically just serves as a grid similar to the PFS ones.

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I use Google Drive.

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I have my starfinder characters on a google spreadsheet character sheet so adding another sheet for inventory tracking was really easy


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The HTML5 Starfinder Character Sheet has such a sheet on the final page. With some JavaScript wizardry to adjust the number of boxes in ammo tracking to the entered capacity. (Up to 100, the highest capacity gun I could find.)

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